The Errandonnee: Finishers Prize!

We have a new design this year for the Errandonnee finishers badge. This year’s patch – which embodies the fresh energy and bright hues of springtime – was created by Shawn Granton of Urban Adventure League. Thank you, Shawn, for this vibrant patch!

Falls Creek Outfitters will once again be converting this design into reality with their excellent embroidery talents!

As a reminder, the full set of rules for participating are here. You can track your errands however you like, and remember you can do as many errands as you like per day. The total mileage just has to end up at 30 or more miles. That’s a little over two miles per errand, totally doable!

A basket full of flowers. A bell for making your presence known around town. The Errandonnee calls to you! If you are currently on the fence about participating this year, I hope this little embroidered treasure will convince you to give the Errandonnee a whirl. You won’t regret it!

Put it on your calendar. The Errandonnee starts this Friday, April 12, and then you have 12 days to make it all happen!

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