Coffeeneuring Socks: They’re Back!

Good news for those who thought they missed out! The initial run of coffeeneuring socks was so popular that I’m putting another order together.

Same details as before, but if you forgot what those were, worry not, as I’ve put them below! These are NOT the finisher’s prize, for those treasures see here.

You do not have to be a Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher to purchase these socks, as these are not the official finishers prize (to be announced soon). You can also be an aspiring coffeeneur, an Always Be Coffeeneuring Club member, or even a dabbler in the ways of coffeeneuring.

These wool-blend socks with a 5-inch wool-blend cuff not only communicate “I’m a coffeeneur,” they say “Thank you, feet, for all you do for me.”

Fabric composition is 50% merino wool, 50% polypropylene, 15% nylon, and 10% spandex. The socks are made in the U.S. by SockGuy.

Coffeeneuring socks are priced at $10 per pair. That does not include shipping. Shipping costs are as follows:

$4 shipping in the U.S., for up to two pairs.
$11 shipping to Canda., for up to two pairs.
$15 shipping to all other parts of the planet, for up to two pairs.
Example: I purchase two pairs of socks, and I live in the U.S. My costs are $10 plus $10 plus $4 shipping. $24 total.

S/M sizing is:

EURO 37-42

L/XL sizing is:

MEN (US SIZING) 9 – 13
EURO 43 – 48

You can PayPal, Venmo, or mail a check to me. PayPal is gersemalina “at” Please include a note that includes the size of sock you would like (Small/Medium or Large/X-Large), as well as your mailing address. Limit is two pairs per person.

If you are going to mail a check, please let me know immediately via email or Facebook messenger or some other method so that I can mark your socks as sold.

Give your feet some love, represent, and pick up some of these sweet socks to remind you of the Spirit of Coffeeneuring throughout the year!

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