Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020: Starts October 10

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is on for 2020. It runs from October 10 through November 23 this year.

The coffeeneuring framework is going to look somewhat different this year, based on our current circumstances. The challenge will continue to be compatible with many comfort levels, and it’s still going to be great.

If you have a specific rule suggestion or modification, now until September 25 is your time to present it to the Coffeeneuring Board of Directors. You can comment on this post or send me a message directly to propose it. I hear the board is very reasonable.

Don’t worry, we are still gonna have lots of rules (but not too many) that all boil down to ride bikes and drink coffee.

I hope you consider joining. You will love it!


  1. Looking forward to it. Hopefully it works out, most of our coffee shops are to go only, and some don’t have outdoor seating. Yep, California.


  2. This has brought me so much joy…in this very difficult year. You can count on me, and my countless cycling friends in the greater Chicagoland region, to join you and everyone in this unifying fall rite of passage! Thank you so much for bringing a smile to me…looking to re-invent how we did it last year, following the rules and staying safe.

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