Coffeeneuring Challenge: One Good Thing Final Preparations

Hello friends. If you look around the corner you will see the 2020 Coffeeneuring Challenge looking back at you. It’s here, it’s finally here! Well, technically Saturday it’s here, but you know what I mean.

We want to make sure that everyone is prepared as we kick off this year’s challenge (October 10, don’t forget!). Doug of Umbrella Works created control cards for those who would like a way to document their progress. Think of them like brevet cards or a coffeeneuring diary.

Gert, documenting his coffeeneuring ride last year

These are optional items for the One Good Thing edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Several have used them in the past, using actual pen and paper to scribe the memories of their various outings (see evidence above), and someone even mailed theirs to me last year. Pen and paper at its finest!

Control cards come in four sizes so you can pick the one that works best for you and your printer! Hopefully the download feature works. (I inherently distrust WordPress for these types of matters so please let me know if you encounter any issues!)

One more piece of optional business, as a reminder. We are doing an order of 2020 Coffeeneuring Socks. They will be similar to last year’s but with the 2020 design (soon to be revealed!). I’m taking down the name of those who said they would like a pair, and if you would too, please see here for details and let me know by 10/12.

Unfortunately, the order has to be U.S. only this round, but I plan to order an extra few to send out whenever the pandemic times allow.

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