Errandonnee 2021 Grand Patch Prize!

The time to unveil the grand patch prize for the 2021 Errandonnee has arrived! This edition recognizes the back to basics nature of this year, a time when many of […]

Errandonnee 2021: Hyperlocal Edition

Big news, friends! After a lengthy hiatus the Errandonnee returns in 2021. This challenge is for bike riders, runners, and walking enthusiasts everywhere! It’s been a tough year for us. […]

Cracking the Perfect Ride Code

This is an article I wrote for the March 2021 edition of American Randonneur. It evolved from a piece about our club’s fall 200K that I wrote here. Enjoy, and […]

Winter Skies and In Betweens

Sunrise greets us earlier now, while the last streaks of day creep over the clouds well past six p.m. Each morning the sun sprinkles more gold on the earth. Aesthetically […]

Precious Now: Valentine’s Day

Recently I was thinking back to March of last year. (Can you believe March is almost here again – my birthday month, don’t forget!) I remember listening to Tom Hanks […]

Making Time: Free Reading

I started grad school last month. Being exposed to completely new concepts, committing them to memory, and then learning how to implement them is a lot for my brain. My […]

Cures for Listless Days

Sometimes when I think about how I’ve lived for the last nine months, it reminds me of summer vacations growing up in my little Midwest town. My family seldom traveled, […]


This is a piece I wrote for the December 2020 edition of American Randonneur. People have asked about reading it, so I’ve posted it here as well. It’s been slightly […]

January in the District

I moved to the D.C. in the spring of 2001, and watched the Pentagon burn a few months later. I thought those would be the worst days I would see […]

2020 on Two Feet

Running is what I do when I want to sift thoughts through my head. A run helps me believe that life is manageable. I ran steadily in 2020 and ended up […]

2020 on Two Wheels

Nothing like waiting until the last day of the year to put together the year end posts! I lost a lot of motivation for writing this year because all my […]

coffeeneuring socks

One Good Thing Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 Update

Fellow coffeeneurs and friends of the blog, it’s been a frenetic time at Coffeeneuring Headquarters. The Coffeeneuring Challenge Committee is reviewing submissions as quickly as possible in between socks fulfillment […]