January in the District

I moved to the D.C. in the spring of 2001, and watched the Pentagon burn a few months later. I thought those would be the worst days I would see […]

2020 on Two Feet

Running is what I do when I want to sift thoughts through my head. A run helps me believe that life is manageable. I ran steadily in 2020 and ended up […]

2020 on Two Wheels

Nothing like waiting until the last day of the year to put together the year end posts! I lost a lot of motivation for writing this year because all my […]

coffeeneuring socks

One Good Thing Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 Update

Fellow coffeeneurs and friends of the blog, it’s been a frenetic time at Coffeeneuring Headquarters. The Coffeeneuring Challenge Committee is reviewing submissions as quickly as possible in between socks fulfillment […]

The 50 States Ride, 2020 Edition

The ultimate concept ride, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) put their creativity to work and pulled off a socially distanced edition of the 50 States Ride – a here, […]

Ride Your Own Ride

Ask a randonneur what it takes to tackle a big brevet and you’ll get a million pieces of advice (at minimum!). Most of this wisdom can find a home under […]

N-1 Right Sizing Resulting from N+1

Years ago, I wrote about n+1, the silly philosophy that people should perpetually aspire for their bike stables to have one more bike. I called the piece The Truth and […]

Message in a Bottle: Stillness

Back in April, I wrote some initial thoughts about the pandemic and cycling in a column for American Randonneur – the quarterly newsletter of Randonneurs USA. Like sending a message […]