Bike Commute Hoarder

Lifehacker recently posted an article called the Cycling Commuter’s Daily Bag that essentially emptied out a bike commuter’s pannier. Curious, I looked through the items listed and the accompanying photos. The number […]

Get Out The Map: Bike Tour Prep

Get out the map get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down We’ll leave the figuring to those we pass on our way out of town — Indigo […]

Mancation, All I Ever Wanted

I overhear our friend talking to Felkerino about his upcoming bike trip, a multi-day self-guided tour in Europe. “Mancation,” he tells Felkerino. I turn my head at that. “Just me […]

Four Years of Chasing Mailboxes

In the middle of a love affair with bicycling and Washington, D.C., I wrote my first post for Chasing Mailboxes. Four years later, this blog is still going. The love […]

Twitter, Facebook, and Randonneuring, oh my!

Since riding PBP in 2011, I’ve developed a Twitter and Facebook addiction for tracking randonneuring events. It originally started when I discovered that I could follow ultra-running events like the […]

Writing Your Way to the Ride You Want

Throughout my time randonneuring, I have gone through different phases. My primary goal during my first series of riding brevets was to finish within the time limits. This was also a time of […]