Letter from Washington, D.C.

Hello, everyone. In mid-March, the mayor directed D.C. residents to stay at home and since then it’s been strikingly quiet. People venture outside like they’re taking their vitamins, no one […]

Tired is Not an Emergency

“Tired is not an emergency” reads the note on my D.C. Randonneurs cue sheet. “But please do let us know if you abandon.” Unlike club centuries or event rides, randonneuring […]

Seeing Clearly through Anxious Times

Hello readers, how are you doing? I wanted to say hello and that I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. In D.C., the flowers are blooming, and the cherry […]

One Month Plus with No Added Sugar

Every year I write goals about not eating junk food and losing weight. Almost every year I declare failure in meeting these targets, and add them onto next year’s resolution […]

All My Yesterdays

My yesterdays are all stacked up in piles. I have the yesterdays of high school, where I dreamed of moving away to the city. There are yesterdays of college and […]

Coffeeneuring Challenge: Final Update

Happy New Year, everyone, I hope you are all doing well. This post is to advise everyone that all Coffeeneuring Challenge treasure was mailed in the last week of December. […]

2019 in Photos: Charging Forward

Much of 2019 has been a year of charging forward without looking back, compared to previous years where I took time to do so throughout the months. With one day […]

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2019 Prizes

Final submissions for the 2019 Coffeeneuring Challenge have begun to roll into Coffeeneuring Headquarters so it’s time to share some details about the finishers prizes for this year. US Finishers […]