D.C. Randonneurs Warrenton 300K Pre-Ride

Today features a guest post from D.C. Randonneur and brevet organizer Bob C., who we accompanied this past Saturday on the Warrenton 300K checkout ride. Bob’s summary encapsulates our day […]

Frederick 300K: Sway Under Sun

For our recent D.C. Randonneurs 300K, I had imagined a ride that also served as a sort of bike therapy. Based on previous outings on this course, I conjured up […]

BikeDC’s Dave Salovesh

We had the ghost bike installation for Dave Salovesh this past weekend, and I stood there staring in disbelief the whole time with my leg propping up my bike as […]

The Errandonnee: Welcome Spring!

April is here, the blossoms are out, and it’s time for the seventh running of the Errandonnee. Do you like transportation cycling or running, or have you been wanting to […]

Bike Tour Birthday Contrasts

March 2018. It’s my birthday and Felkerino and I are bike touring through California desert. Sand spreads out on all sides, the road undulates ahead. Cars and trucks zip by […]

Theme for 2019: Seeking Possibility

Happy New Year, dear readers! It’s been a while. In case it hasn’t been completely obvious, I have not felt much like writing lately. Instead I used unexpected free time […]

Coffeeneuring Challenge UPDATE

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! This post is to update everyone on the status of coffeeneuring patches and bandanas. On January 1, patches and bandanas were mailed out to […]

2018 in Photos: Focus and Flame

Before 2018 slips completely into yesterday, I am sifting through my memories of the last 12 months. As regular readers will know, I have not blogged much this year, but I […]

Just In: Coffeeneuring Bandanas are Back!

The much-circulated rumors of the Coffeeneuring Bandana’s return are TRUE! As so many showed interest in bandanas, I’ve brought them back for 2018. The fruits of this project are thanks […]

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2018 Prize Reveal!

It’s go or no-go time for the 2018 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. If you want to be part of this year’s activities, you must begin coffeeneuring this week. There’s […]