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Friday Link Love

Whew! What a fast and busy week. It must be the season, especially that Randonneurmas! Nevertheless, I have a few things to share. Red Light Running: Remember last week’s link to a study about Red Light Running? Broads of the Beltway explained her experience and approach to being a cyclist […]

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be dedicating some time to working with my blogging associate, Felkerino, over at The Daily Randonneur. Felkerino and I are partnering to celebrate the fourth year of Randonneurmas, that holiday time before the holidays where we spotlight twelve of our favorite randonneuring things. […]

Ahhh… Beautiful December Commutes

As I rode home in the December chill with my hands throbbing and my toes fading to numb, I thought about how much I love winter commuting in D.C. The short days and cold weather combine to noticeably reduce the bike and pedestrian traffic, leaving only the stalwart year-round riders […]

Friday Links from Here and There

Can it really be Friday already? Yippee! I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted this week, but I did get to a few things I wanted to share. Best Ride of 2011. The Bike Show wants to know what was your best ride of 2011 and what ride you […]

The Randonneurs who Coffeeneur

Summer months can be intense for randonneurs. While the spring ACP Super Randonneur series’ have mostly been completed, summer is often when randonneurs take advantage of the long days and warm weather to ride their brains out. That could be through touring, more brevets, 1000K or 1200K rides, or other […]

Friday Link Love: A Potpourri

I’m liking the Friday link roundups. Below is another set of cycling-related highlights from the week’s blog reads and feeds: Bike Power Naps: A flickr group dedicated to bicycle napping. I’m not kidding, and the pictures had me in stitches. See the many facets of urban bike napping in the […]

Bikes to Like: Kevin T.’s Rivendell Atlantis

Since we’ve been on the subject of randonneurs and coffeeneurs in Alaska, I thought I’d start out the week with a long overdue Bikes to Like, featuring my flickr friend and RBA of the Alaska Randonneurs, Kevin Turinsky. What kind of bike does this Alaska randonneur choose for the varied […]