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Brevets, commutes, tandem rides, coffee. Sometimes a marathon. Washington, D.C.

Coffeeneuring Rewind Part 2: Ted in Alaska

When we last left Ted, he was returning from his third (or fourth, however you might be calculating) coffeeneuring ride on his Long Haul Trucker. Today, we follow our intrepid coffeeneur on the latter half of his coffeeneuring rides, which he attempts to complete riding a different bike each ride. […]

Coffeeneuring Rewind Part 1: Ted in Alaska

Once again we’re reliving the journey of some of our exceptional coffeeneurs. This week, I’m featuring Ted T., an Alaska randonneur and coffeeneur. Not content to abide by the mere 15 rules of the contest, Ted added an additional criteria for himself: complete each coffeeneuring ride on a different bike. […]

Week in Review

Time for a mostly visual week in review. Can’t let all this vibrant fall pass without some photographic evidence. The slightly acrid smell of drying leaves, the cascade of leaves when a slight breeze prompts their detachment from the tree where they spent the summer. Delicious.

#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @nikki_d and @dirteng

Coffeeneuring rewind pedals on, and today we go into the heart of Washington, D.C., and feature two D.C. bloggers and coffeeneurs. First, we have @nikki_d, who writes the blog, Pedal ‘n Purl.  She visited the following spots to meet her Coffeeneuring Challenge goals. Click on the coffee shop to get the full […]

#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 5-7

As promised, the @whatsupwheaton coffeeneuring recap continues today, with the recount of Tara and Simon’s final three coffeeneuring trips. Thank you both so much for participating (and winning the Coffeeneuring Duo category). I hope all you readers enjoyed their coffeeneuring summaries as much as I did.

#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 1-4

While the official coffeeneuring is currently on hiatus, I thought I’d take a few posts to feature some of the outstanding coffeeneuring of some of our challenge participants. First up are Tara and Simon, the coffeeneuring duo known on Twitter as @whatsupwheaton. Reading about the places that Simon and Tara […]

Congratulations, Coffeeneurs!

The intrepid coffeeneurs began their journey on September 24. Many started, but the weeks passed quickly and unfortunately, not everyone who started made it to the finish. For some, pressing life events intervened, preventing coffeeneuring challenge completion: “I have no excuse except that I got distracted by Halloween stuff.” Others […]

#CyclingCapTuesday Recap

Another Tuesday almost gone, and another successful #CyclingCapTuesday under my belt. CyclingCapTuesday is building community one cap and rider at a time. Being able to connect with other cap-sporting cyclists and admire their Tuesday caps of choice is a highlight of my week. In addition, it helps to validate my […]

Some Coffeeneuring and a Populaire

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the people who completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge this weekend. Remember, you must e-mail me your submissions to gersemalina “at” Yes, even if I have been twitterspying on your adventures, you need to e-mail me your final submissions. Due date to send in your coffeeneuring […]

Why Men Ride Bikes: Razors and Bags

Have you ever wondered why men take up cycling? I used to think it was because they wanted to stay fit, be sporty, or maybe use a mode of transportation that was better for the environment. But recently I’ve concluded that it’s really about leg shaving and the pursuit of […]

#Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out

Two full weekends remain in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, leaving participants with four possible days to complete their remaining seven coffeeneuring rides. If you haven’t completed at least three rides by now, then you will have to wait until next time to make it to the Coffeeneuring Challenge podium. Coffeeneurs, how […]