Friday Shout-Outs

People, we’ve made it to the end of another week. Good job! I was a little tired this week from all my weekend fun, but it was still a pleasant […]

Paris-Brest-Paris Training

If you’ve been following this blog (or another fine blog I know called Chasing Mailboxes) you’ll know that PBP training is in high gear. Randonneurs across the country, including Felkerino […]

Hot in the City! Commute Wrap-Up

Holy hot sauce, Batman! It’s been a steamy week in the city, and I confess that I focused much of my energy on gym workouts and a pokey pace to […]

D.C. Commute Smells: the Fish Market

I’ve posted various photos on this blog of scenes from my commute to give a window into what my commuting life in Washington, D.C. is like. Some things, though, defy […]

The Urban Forest Project D.C.

One day last month, I was out for a lunchtime walk in downtown D.C. when I noticed a poster on a nearby light pole. “See the forest and the trees,” […]

Bikes to Like: Eric P.’s Titanium Lynskey

This week Chasing Mailboxes turns its gaze away from steel and toward titanium.¬†That’s right, people. Titanium! During a trip to Tennesseee last year, I became familiar with Lynskey Bikes, based […]