Shrinking the Giants

Thoughts can be so heavy. Literally weightless, still they will press down, anchoring us where we stand if we let them. Daily actions also take their toll. Routine activities, interactions, […]

Review: Po Campo Bergen Pannier

Ever since my ride to work went from 2.5 miles to 7.5 miles one-way, I have been in pursuit of the ideal bike commute setup. After a few months, I […]

Bike In Bloom Destiny

One lesson I keep relearning is that you can’t work too hard to make things happen. You can put your shoulder into something only so much. After that, other factors […]

Errandonnee 2018: The Details of our Lives

The Errandonnee is back for its sixth year, my friends. This¬†challenge is designed for the utility cyclist and transportation runner with errands to do, no matter the season. That cyclist […]

Peaceful Everyday Actions

You may not have noticed, but the time I’ve spent in this space has reduced over the last year. Several factors contributed to this, but the most dominant was the […]

Landscape Adjustments on Ohio Drive

Over the years that I’ve lived in the District, Ohio Drive has become one of my favorite city streets, especially around this time of year – the non-tourist season. Compared […]

Winter Commute Days

While winter is not my most preferred cycling season, it does have its perks. Fewer people are out, making the city a more contemplative place, and non-cycling friends and colleagues […]

What the World Needs Now: Coffeeneuring

More people than ever appear to be taking on the Coffeeneuring Challenge this year. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Strava are full of vignettes of people’s rides to coffee (or […]