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Brevets, commutes, tandem rides, coffee. Sometimes a marathon. Washington, D.C.

I Have an Announcement to Make: Fall is Here!

The fine fall weather from Friday carried on though the weekend. Was it awesome or what?! I bet you went outside. Maybe I saw you. It certainly felt like every single person who lived in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area was taking advantage of the low humidity, cool morning temperatures […]

Perfect Fall Friday!

I wasn’t going to post today, but the weather was so gorgeous in Washington, DC that it demanded some blog lines. Coming on the heels of a rainy and humid week, I’m certain this Friday was appreciated by many commuters.

A Cyclist Hurt my Feelings Today. Boo hoo.

While Alberto Contador was informing the world about his recent bout with food poisoning, I had my feelings hurt by a cyclist. You be the judge about which is worse. I know it’s difficult to believe that a cyclist would hurt another person’s feelings, given that all cyclists are nice […]

WABA 50 States Ride

Want to do a ride in the District that’s 65 miles long, takes 212 cues, and feels like a daily commute that keeps on giving? Then maybe you would be interested in the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s annual 50 States Ride. That’s where I was this past Saturday. The course […]


No, silly, I’m not talking about the black and white animals you see at the zoo eating bamboo.  I’m talking about “panda portraits,” photos you take of yourself while riding your bicycle. Panda portraits are one of the best ways to memorialize your participation on bike rides. You can’t always […]