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Brevets, commutes, tandem rides, coffee. Sometimes a marathon. Washington, D.C.

Arena Stage: Almost Finished!

For those of you who pass through Southwest via Maine Avenue, something exciting happened on Wednesday. The barricades blocking off one lane of Maine Avenue were removed and now people can actually walk on the new sidewalk by Arena Stage. It’s TRUE! I walked there myself. In addition, it looks like Arena […]

The Up-Side of Rain

The ho-hum commute became not so ho-hum this evening. A brief shower passed through our humid city and left behind a little present for the Washingtonians. The 14th Street Bridge may not make the most picturesque backdrop, but it made my day to see this colorful arc extending over the […]

Wild & Wonderful West Virginia RUSA Permanent

I am so lucky to live in Washington, D.C. Despite the large metropolitan area in which Felkerino and I live, we are a stone’s throw away from beautiful cycling (with mountains, yay!) on quiet back roads. This weekend, Felkerino and I headed out to the Shenandoah and the mountains of […]

Rain Welcome, but Timing Needs Improvement

Did you know that in the past six days, the Washington, D.C., area has received over 3.77 inches of rain? Capitol Weather Gang told me so! I’m glad the area is getting rain because apparently we are at the beginnings of a drought. However, I do have an issue with […]

Extra Credit to This Week’s Commuters

Is the sun on a collision course with Earth?  It sure feels like it! Temperatures this week have been rising and staying in the triple digits — yes, triple!  According to Dan Stillman of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang: yesterday’s highs of 102 at National and 100 at Dulles were […]

4th of July Preparations. DO NOT ENTER!

As the 4th of July approaches in Washington, D.C., there is a gradual devolution of our landscape. Port-o-potties are imported from all areas of the country and plopped throughout the National Mall. Fencing and chicken wire crop up everywhere. Worst of all, one of the local cyclists’ favorite spots to catch […]