Seduced by Speed

I have always seen road bikes as superfluous and silly, the toy of transport for the self-indulgent– those who ride for exercise, sport, and speed, with little interest in practicality. Continue reading “Seduced by Speed”

Bridgestone RB-1: New Old Fast Bike Day

In recent weeks, Felkerino and I (meaning Felkerino, mostly) have been putting the finishing touches on a 1992 Bridgestone RB-1 that I acquired from a nice person somewhere in the Midwest. Continue reading “Bridgestone RB-1: New Old Fast Bike Day”

1992 Bridgestone MB-4: Free bike = FIGHT!

Recently, I sent a bike of mine off to the hospital to be parted out. Last week after our morning ride to coffee, we ran into  saw a coffee buddy of ours who said he had an old mountain bike that he wanted to give away. Specifically, he wanted to give it to us because he said “You guys will know what to do with it.”

Who, us? How did he know? And how did he know that we had just freed up some space in the dining room bike shop so we could accomodate one more steed? Continue reading “1992 Bridgestone MB-4: Free bike = FIGHT!”