The Dahon Hon Solo Does the BicycleSPACE Cupcake Ramble

Several years ago I went through a small-wheel bike phase. I was enamored of their appearance, the twitchy steering (compared to a full-size bike), and the ways they folded into more compact sizes for storage and transport.

Dahon Hon Solo

My Dahon Hon Solo is one of the bikes I own as a result of that phase. A limited edition single speed model Dahon came out with in 2006 (500 total made), this bike rides on 20-inch wheels and came stock with Nitto moustache bars and leather grips, a Brooks B-17 saddle, and dainty lace-wood fenders. Full specs of the original bike can be found here.

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Bikes to Like: Lauren K.’s Dahon Speed D7

Welcome to March, my favorite month of the year. What better way to kick it off than with another Bikes to Like? Yippee!

Lauren, a D.C. bike commuter and regular member of the #FridayCoffeeClub, rides around the city on small wheels. I haven’t seen too many small wheeled commuters out and about and when I spied her bike, I thought it would be an excellent addition to the Bikes to Like stable.

Thanks to Lauren for guest posting and sharing your bike with us. Enjoy!

Lauren and the Dahon on the Commute

1. What kind of bike do you have?

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Summer Solstice Dahon Hon Solo Ride

Summer officially arrived in Washington, D.C. on Monday, and I decided it was time to pull out my summer bike, the Dahon Hon Solo. This is a limited edition folder with 16 20″ wheels from (guess?) Dahon and is also (guess?) a single speed!

This bike is so much fun to ride.  It’s functional, fits well, and no one expects me to ride fast or beat them on their morning commute. It is a low-threat commute steed.

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