Bikes to Like: Scott G.’s Gunnar Sport

Last year, Felkerino and I started running into seeing Scott G. on D.C. Randonneurs rides and spent a lot of time following him and his friend Charlie around the Endless Mountains 1000K course.

From L to R: Bruce, Charlie, and Scott on the Endless Mountains 1000K

Scott is an international randonneur, having lived and ridden in Canada, Australia, and various parts of the United States.

Since Scott has completed lots of brevets in lots of places, I wanted to know more about what he chose to ride and why. I asked him to be part of Bikes to Like, and here is what he told me about his brevet bike of choice.

1. What kind of bike do you have?

It is a Gunnar Sport bike in black with stealth Gunnar logos (just the outline of the name, not the inside). I built it up with various bits. A combination of stuff I had around the bike bins (Old Dura ace d/t shifters, a Ritchey compact crank) but I did buy some new bits to hang on it as well.

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