Bikes to Like: Rick B.’s Merlin Extralight

There are some people I know from being on the bike and nowhere else. Rick B. is one of those people. We’ve never seen each other in our “real lives,” only our cycling lives. 

I’ve come to know Rick from my morning commute, where our routes occasionially cross paths. Rick and Felkerino know each other through weekend rides with the C&C Climbing FactoryRick may be speedy (I think he’s not carrying enough stuff on his commute!), but he always takes time to say hi and chat with Felkerino and me. 

Rick commutes on a lovely Merlin and, since I wanted to find out more about it, I asked him if he’d be part of Bikes to Like. Rick said yes, and below is the story of his bicycle. 

Rick B. on the incognito Merlin

1. What kind of bike do you have?

Merlin Extralight, in stealth mode as almost all the decals (and currently even the headbadge) are removed, 59 cm, Campy components.
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