Bikes to Like: Lowell and Cheri’s Santana Sovereign

Last year I watched as Lowell and Cheri completed a Super Randonneur series on their beautiful Santana tandem. It was pretty cool to see, as Cheri had recently started randonneuring, and not only completed an SR series, but went on to complete an R-12, too! Their Santana always looks so good, that I just had to ask Lowell to tell me more about it. Lowell responded:

Asking a randonneur about their bike is probably considered a tactical blunder, similar to asking grandparents about their grandkids– you’re going to get more information than you really needed, or wanted. So, with that in mind…

1. What kind of bike do you have?

We have a 1987 Santana Sovereign. It was purchased new at the Two Wheel Transit Authority bike shop in Huntington Beach, CA. There weren’t a lot of commercially available, quality tandems back in those days. Santana was really about it, unless you wanted custom.

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