#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 5-7

As promised, the @whatsupwheaton coffeeneuring recap continues today, with the recount of Tara and Simon’s final three coffeeneuring trips. Thank you both so much for participating (and winning the Coffeeneuring Duo category). I hope all you readers enjoyed their coffeeneuring summaries as much as I did.

#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 1-4

While the official coffeeneuring is currently on hiatus, I thought I’d take a few posts to feature some of the outstanding coffeeneuring of some of our challenge participants. First up are Tara and Simon, the coffeeneuring duo known on Twitter as @whatsupwheaton. Reading about the places that Simon and Tara […]

Congratulations, Coffeeneurs!

The intrepid coffeeneurs began their journey on September 24. Many started, but the weeks passed quickly and unfortunately, not everyone who started made it to the finish. For some, pressing life events intervened, preventing coffeeneuring challenge completion: “I have no excuse except that I got distracted by Halloween stuff.” Others […]

#Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out

Two full weekends remain in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, leaving participants with four possible days to complete their remaining seven coffeeneuring rides. If you haven’t completed at least three rides by now, then you will have to wait until next time to make it to the Coffeeneuring Challenge podium. Coffeeneurs, how […]

Coffeeneuring Rules Update! Columbus Day Weekend

Coffeeneurs, look up from your Kindles and cappuccinos! I bring you a special update about the Coffeeneuring Challenge! Tara, a Chasing Mailboxes reader and coffeeneur (or technically, a coffeeneuse), noticed a potential loophole in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and asked: Does Columbus Day Monday count as a “weekend” day if I […]

Weekends are for Coffeeneurs

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is in full swing, and coffeeneurs everywhere are rising to the occasion. If you haven’t started yet, stop fretting. You’re not too late! You still have four full weekends to complete the challenge of riding your bike to 7 coffee shops. Some of the coffeeneurs are blogging […]