Winter Commute Days

While winter is not my most preferred cycling season, it does have its perks. Fewer people are out, making the city a more contemplative place, and non-cycling friends and colleagues regularly give me props for riding in less-than-inviting pedaling conditions. (“You’re so tough, MG.” Ha ha ha ha, we know the truth.) In exchange, I go through lengthy preparations for the outdoors – donning multiple … Continue reading Winter Commute Days

Top of the Town

I’ve been meaning to write you about my new daily escape through the city – from the lowest part of D.C. to the top of the town. It’s a 7.5-mile contraflow endeavor that takes me out of the heart of the city to a residential tentacle. Since beginning this commute, I’ve felt a novel joy about morning city riding. On occasion, I’ll spontaneously start singing … Continue reading Top of the Town


The last couple of days, my Instagram feed has filled with the #optoutside hashtag, as Insta connections spend the day in nature and the outdoors instead of dedicating time in retail spaces or in front of their computer. Part of me is glad for that, although I suspect that most of the people I know would choose the #optoutside path. Not in response to Black Friday. It’s just what … Continue reading Opting

Heavy Hearts and Bicycle Breezes

Heavy hearts are the worst. A heavy heart burrows into your stomach and crowds other organs, causing discomfort. A heavy heart – being so burdened – needs extra oxygen to function, which can leave a person deflated and lethargic. It takes a lot of energy to endure a heavy heart. While it seems counterintuitive, a bicycle breeze may help temporarily lighten a heavy heart. Especially an autumn bicycle breeze. Unlike a … Continue reading Heavy Hearts and Bicycle Breezes

Ride Your Bikes, People

I’m fond of my active commute routine. My regular commute to work is predictable,  pleasant. Over the years I’ve devised a sweet route that minimizes high-volume car traffic, and I store a nice selection of seasonal work clothes in my office. This week I’ve been thrust outside of my routine, which is pretty much a theme of 2016. Who needs routine? Routines are boring! Due … Continue reading Ride Your Bikes, People

Area Woman Stops Blogging for One Month. Here’s What Happened…

Lately it feels like life is running on ahead of me at a pace I cannot match. I try to catch up, and my life skips easily away. Just as my life reaches the other side of the street, the stoplight turns red and halts me. Life ambles forward. Optimal velocity is difficult to achieve and sustain. Rather, it happens for me sporadically, and the … Continue reading Area Woman Stops Blogging for One Month. Here’s What Happened…

Bicycle Estrangement

I kicked off 2016 with cycling and running foremost in my mind. I participated in the area’s Freezing Saddles challenge – to ride as many days as possible from January through March – and signed on to ride the best flèche ever with our friend Jerry. From the beginning of the year through April, I enthusiastically pursued daily riding and weekly mileage goals. At some point, though, other activities … Continue reading Bicycle Estrangement


I suspected that I’d experience post-flèche fallout, and over the last two weeks I’ve been proven right. The energy expended from 24 straight hours without sleep, 232 miles of pedaling over sawtooth terrain from Pittsburgh to D.C., and rough overnight conditions complete with snow squalls took their toll on my body. Continue reading “Tulipmania”

Do You Believe in Unicorns? #BikeInBloom

In 2014, Capital Bikeshare welcomed a solitary pink bicycle into its fleet, the BikeInBloom. This bicycle, the only one of its kind, is released into the wild for just shy of a month each year, as part of the city’s cherry blossom festivities.

In the three years the BikeInBloom has flitted in and out of the Capital Bikeshare rotation, I have come upon it only twice, and only from a distance. Continue reading “Do You Believe in Unicorns? #BikeInBloom”

On Beer Can Koozie Ear Warmers and Other Freezing Saddles Secrets: Winter Cycling with Kate

It is our secret that riding is so much more fun, and probably faster and less stressful than the alternatives! And that doesn’t even account for all the great winter days, when the sun is shining on the sparkly snow, or there is a fabulous sunset over the river, or a big moon rises as you pedal uphill to home. You don’t get to see … Continue reading On Beer Can Koozie Ear Warmers and Other Freezing Saddles Secrets: Winter Cycling with Kate

Ride Like Your Life Depends On It: Liz and Exu

One of the most referenced posts on this blog is about naming one’s bike. I never thought much of calling my bike by anything but the name the maker gave it. Then I received this beautiful post from BikeDC’s own Liz MacGregor.

In her writing, Liz shows how a bicycle can be an intimate companion that also represents a new lease on life. And when that happens, how can you not give your bike a name?

Thank you, Liz, for sharing the story of you and your bike, Exu. Continue reading “Ride Like Your Life Depends On It: Liz and Exu”

Blizzard Weekend in Washington, D.C.

After months of unseasonably warm temperatures and thoughts that winter might pass us by, mother nature treated the D.C. area  (or punished, depending on who you ask) to record-setting snowfall.

Exactly how much snow is still somewhat in dispute, since weather officials at National Airport failed to follow the recommended snow measuring technique. Continue reading “Blizzard Weekend in Washington, D.C.”

Will Ride (or Run) for Kudos. Joining Strava

The virtual world of Strava always struck me as a dangerous place. A place where people competed for the fastest times on arbitrary segments of road, sometimes at their own peril– or worse, by risking the safety of others.

Strava was a world for spirited, competitive roadies. Transportation and touring cyclists like me need not join. That suited me fine. My private Excel spreadsheet was all I needed. Continue reading “Will Ride (or Run) for Kudos. Joining Strava”

The Right Tool for the Job: Bike Friday Tikit Commutes

Over our many years together, the relationship between my Bike Friday Tikit and me has been nothing if not tumultuous.  Continue reading “The Right Tool for the Job: Bike Friday Tikit Commutes”