Bike In Bloom Destiny

One lesson I keep relearning is that you can’t work too hard to make things happen. You can put your shoulder into something only so much. After that, other factors must play a role. Nowhere in my life is this more true than with Capital Bikeshare‘s elusive Bike In Bloom. In concert with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., Capital Bikeshare releases the … Continue reading Bike In Bloom Destiny

D.C. Commute Scenes: Capital Bikeshare and True Love

The throngs of tourists combined with the rising temps make mornings the best time to ride in the city these days.

This morning Felkerino and I were en route to coffee and passed by the Lincoln Memorial. It always surprises me how serene the Lincoln is in the early-ish morning. It’s a much different place than the populated tourist spot it becomes in the afternoon.

As we rode, we saw a few tourists and this lovely site. Continue reading “D.C. Commute Scenes: Capital Bikeshare and True Love”

Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists

Spring again. Another year of roadies on Hains Point, tour buses, high school classes on the National Mall, and wait!

What’s that? Something’s different this year. Continue reading “Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists”

Capital Bikeshare Checklist

Capital Bikeshare

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a big fan of Capital Bikeshare. It’s a great way to travel around town. Bike riding outdoors in the city on a bike you don’t have to clean or maintain. I love it!

In their January newsletter, Capital Bikeshare featured a “Winter Ride Checklist.” The checklist included the following items: Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare Checklist”

Capital Bikeshare’s Christiania Bike

This week I saw one of the Christiania cargo bikes that Capital Bikeshare is using to service its Bikeshare stations. I learned about the Christiania bike through boxcycles, which imports the bikes from Denmark. The bike has internal gearing (7 speed, I think) and has disk brakes in the front.
Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare’s Christiania Bike”

DAR Constitution Hall, Robert Plant, and Capital Bikeshare

Tonight was so much fun! First, Felkerino and I saw Robert Plant and the Band of Joy (including two of my favorites, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller) at DAR Constitution Hall!

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

I thought the night couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong! Two blocks from DAR Constitution Hall is a Capital Bikeshare station. I found it via the Spotcycle application for Droid! Rather than wait for a cab or slog home on the Metro, Felkerino and I rode the Bikeshare home. Continue reading “DAR Constitution Hall, Robert Plant, and Capital Bikeshare”

Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare

When I looked out the window this morning, it didn’t look like a good day for bike commuting. Cloudy sky. Slush and snow on the sidewalks. I resigned myself to taking the Metro.

A gloomy morning in the city

En route to my station, however, I noticed that the roads were wet but clear, the rain/sleet/snow was not falling too furiously, and the temperature was mild. What did it all mean? Bikeshare! Continue reading “Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare”

Capital Bikeshare Makes Life Better

Winter CaBi Bikeshare Panda

In my efforts to avoid Metro and breathe in the fresh Washington, D.C., air as much as possible, I’ve started riding Capital Bikeshare more frequently. Bikeshare is awesome! I just run over to the station nearest me, plug in my key to get a bike, yank the bike out as hard as I can, and off I go. All rides 30 minutes or less are included in my $75 annual membership. Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare Makes Life Better”

Capital Bikeshare. Crazy Dreams Coming True.

CaBi. Good news for the city.

If anyone had ever told me that one day in the future I would be able to walk around Washington, D.C., with a special key, pass by racks of bikes peppered throughout the city, insert my special key, and ride off with a bike underneath me I would have said “No way! That’s just a crazy dream.”

But sometimes crazy dreams do come true. Capital Bikeshare is proof of that. Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare. Crazy Dreams Coming True.”