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Category: DC Commute Scenes

Commute Scenes: Tourist Photos Edition

In case you haven’t noticed or don’t live in the area, it’s PRIME TIME for tourists. I love watching tourists. It’s also a requirement if you are a pedestrian or […]

D.C. Commute Scenes

Which would you rather do? Option 1. or Option 2. I know what I’d choose. Happy Friday!!

Weekend Rain = No Hains Point

What a lovely Monday! Felkerino and I thought we might enjoy a morning lap on Hains Point, but it was not to be. The Potomac River is running high and […]

Cherry Blossom Alert!

What are you doing the next few days? If you are going bicycling in Washington, D.C., you MUST go to Hains Point and check out the cherry blossoms. I shouldn’t […]

Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists

241/365: Capital Bikeshare Tourists = YES!Originally uploaded by Gersemalina Spring again. Another year of roadies on Hains Point, tour buses, high school classes on the National Mall, and wait! What’s […]

It’s that time of year again

Today, on my commute home (in GLORIOUS daylight), I spied this treasure. That’s right, people. The trees in Washington, D.C, are showing signs of spring.

Bicycle Art on the Sunday Ride

Sunday, I made it out into the near-60-degree (!!!) weather to enjoy another cycling outing with friends. Yes, friends of the spoked wheel, spring will come. I am sure of […]

Holy High Winds, Batman!

Somehow Washington, D.C., avoided the predicted snow, and we got only winds. Wow! I’m glad we didn’t get the snow, but those winds. WOW! I love commuting during the holidays, […]

Perfect Fall Friday!

I wasn’t going to post today, but the weather was so gorgeous in Washington, DC that it demanded some blog lines. Coming on the heels of a rainy and humid […]

I Love Farmers’ Markets

Rain couldn’t keep me away from the famers’ market today. It didn’t daunt a lot of other people, either, and there was a nice assembly of people patronizing the White […]