Gone Solo

This weekend I snuck in some time to do a 50-mile solo outing on my Rivendell Quickbeam. After all the tandeming with Felkerino, this was an excellent way to change up the bike riding. Purchased in 2004 or so, Rivendell no longer makes the Quickbeam. Rivendell changed their single speed […]

Sunday Joy Ridin’ on the Rivendell Romulus

Felkerino and I decided to go on a post-200K brevet joy ride today to bask in the recently arrived warm weather and pay a visit to family out in Northern Virginia. Because of all the stop-and-go movement of the urban environment, we left the tandem in the Dining Room Bike […]

Bikes to Like: Kevin T.’s Rivendell Atlantis

Since we’ve been on the subject of randonneurs and coffeeneurs in Alaska, I thought I’d start out the week with a long overdue Bikes to Like, featuring my flickr friend and RBA of the Alaska Randonneurs, Kevin Turinsky. What kind of bike does this Alaska randonneur choose for the varied […]

Quickbeam Single Speeding and its Pleasures

Lately I’ve been riding my Rivendell Quickbeam around. It started because my Surly got so dirty I just couldn’t take it anymore and I set it aside for a bath. Then I cleaned the Surly and now I still can’t ride it because it’s clean, and riding it will make […]

Bikes to Like: Russ’s Rivendell Custom

Felkerino and I used to see Russ quite regularly on D.C. Randonneurs brevets. Russ is great riding company. He loves wool, flat pedals, steel bikes, and being outdoors. Also, he always seems totally relaxed when he’s on the bike. Unfortunately, we don’t see Russ on D.C. Randonneurs rides anymore because […]