A Visit to Bikes@Vienna on the Leesburg Loop

Over the weekend Felkerino and I meandered from home to do what we call the “Leesburg Loop,” a 90-ish mile ride that starts in D.C., crosses the river into Virginia and takes the Custis and W&OD Trails to Leesburg, winds around to White’s Ferry for a quick ferry ride across the Potomac into Maryland, continues on roads near Poolesville, and returns to D.C. via Potomac, Maryland and MacArthur Boulevard.


Our ride was filled with various stops, including a first-time visit to Bikes@Vienna. This shop is located two blocks off the W&OD Trail in Vienna, Virginia, and is a treasure trove of interesting bicycles.

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The Old Bike Shop Recyclery

The past weekend, Felkerino and I made a field trip out to Arlington, Virginia, and peeked our heads into the new bike shop known as The Old Bike Shop.

We stopped by late in the day but Larry, the owner, was more than willing to stay after hours and chat with us about his recyclery.

The Old Bike Shop

The Old Bike Shop had its start at the Arlington County Farmers’ and Flea Market and now is a brick and mortar business. As the term recyclery suggests, the shop does not sell brand new bikes. Rather, it sells previously owned bikes that have been fixed up (depending on their condition) and made road ready.

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Cupcake Ramblin’ with Sol and BicycleSPACE

The Cupcake Ramble crew

BicycleSPACE, one of D.C.’s local bike shops, has done an excellent job of building community through their group rides. Felkerino and I have attended a few of their evening social rides in the past and, while they were literally not my speed in terms of the pace with which they meandered through town, they were a fun way to meet other local bike riders and D.C. residents.

With our “big ride” of the summer complete, Felkerino and I decided that this last Saturday would be perfect to check out one of BicycleSPACE’s weekend rides. We rolled over to the shop to join the Cupcake Ramble, which is billed as a ride between 20 and 25 miles.

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Velocity Bicycle Coop: Schwinn Paramount or Rivendell custom, anyone?

Ringing the doorbell at the Velocity Bicycle Coop

Last night Felkerino and I went to visit the Velocity Bicycle Coop in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s been up and running since May of 2010, but yesterday was our first visit. We stopped by at a good time because a collector had just given some of his beautiful bikes to the coop. These included two Rivendell customs, three Schwinn Paramounts (one of which was chrome!), an Austro Daimler, and an older Serotta. It was retro-grouch heaven! Continue reading “Velocity Bicycle Coop: Schwinn Paramount or Rivendell custom, anyone?”

Field Trip: Harper’s Bike Shop. Knoxville, Tennessee

The final stop of the recent Tennessee bike tour work trip was Harper’s Bike Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. This was a large shop just outside of the University of Tennessee campus, and has been around for 50 years. At least, that’s what I was told. Continue reading “Field Trip: Harper’s Bike Shop. Knoxville, Tennessee”

Field Trip: River City Bicycles, Chattanooga, TN


River City Bicycles Storefront


While my trip to Tennessee has ended, the memories of my bike shop tour work trip live on in my memories and on this blog.

River City Bicycles in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was my third bike shop destination. This is an inviting shop with a large retail space. I must confess that I did not survey the inventory as much as I should have because I was quite taken by the shop’s cat, Lily.

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Field Trip: Suck Creek Cycle. Chattanooga, Tennessee

As I like to keep telling people, last week was mostly work on location in Tennessee. That said, I still eeked out time to poke my nose into some of the local bike shops. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Must. Make. Time. For bike shop!

Shop number 2 for the week was Suck Creek Cycle in Chattanooga. The shop’s motto is that it’s about “bikes and friendly advice.” Sounds like a perfect randonneur shop to me!

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Field Trip: Tennessee Valley Bicycles. Knoxville, Tennessee

This past week I’ve been on location in Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s been mostly work, but as soon as I had a break I asked the hotel clerk where I might find a local bike shop that leaned more toward the touring and utility cyclist.

The clerk helpfully pointed me in the direction of Tennesseey Valley Bicycles. I sprinted off, crossed my fingers that the shop wasn’t too far away, and hoped that the exertion to find it would be worth it.

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