Washington, D.C., Commute Scenes: Argyle

Yesterday, I was on my way home and spotted this rider.  As he paused to take a phone call, I couldn’t help but notice his fancy argyle socks.  They’re awesome! Now, argyle has become somewhat trendy in some cycling circles, with companies making argyle arm warmers, cycling-specific argyle socks, and […]

Let Us be Mindful and Caring

Today, as I walked to work I spent a lot of time thinking about Stan Miller. I don’t know why thoughts of him kept creeping into my head. Perhaps because it was such a beautiful day to be outside and there were lots of people out riding their bikes or […]

The Journey

Today, I thought I’d take some time to consider the beauty of commuting by bike, despite the daily risks that cyclists face out on the roads.  Be safe, everybody. I regularly commute to work by bike.  I used to take the Metro, but I gradually discovered there is a much […]

Summer Solstice Dahon Hon Solo Ride

Summer officially arrived in Washington, D.C. on Monday, and I decided it was time to pull out my summer bike, the Dahon Hon Solo. This is a limited edition folder with 16 20″ wheels from (guess?) Dahon and is also (guess?) a single speed! This bike is so much fun […]

New Bike! Rawland dSogn

Felkerino liked his Rawland dSogn so much, he bought and built me one, too! Today Felkerino and I took my new ride on its maiden voyage. I love it! This is my first bike with 650B tires and disc brakes.

chasing mailboxes

There he is.  See? Just down the road. There. Yes.  Yes!  I see . Pedal hard. We will catch him. Let’s do it! Pedal pedal pedal. I think we’re gaining. We can do this! Pedal faster! Almost. There. Wait. It’s not what we thought. No? No. It was fun giving […]