#CyclingCapTuesday Recap

Another Tuesday almost gone, and another successful #CyclingCapTuesday under my belt. CyclingCapTuesday is building community one cap and rider at a time.

Being able to connect with other cap-sporting cyclists and admire their Tuesday caps of choice is a highlight of my week. In addition, it helps to validate my cycling cap addiction.

As those of you who know me will attest, I also have an addiction to the panda shot. Now I have an excuse created by fellow cyclists in the Twitterverse to wear a nice cycling cap and document it each week. It’s quite enjoyable.


Time for a little recap (ha ha!). This week I broke out another wool Octopus Cycling cap that used to have earflaps. I did not like the earflaps, though, so I cut them off and the temps were perfect today for a purple sans earflap cap.

I wasn’t the only one partaking in the Tuesday festivities. @travcaldwell, one of the CyclingCapTuesday founders, showed up for work in his swrve cap, and apparently kept it on for the rest of the day.


Another CyclingCapTuesday participant, @dailyrandonneur, took a celebratory pic of himself in his Walz tweed cap after a hard day at the office.

@dailyrandonneur on #CyclingCapTuesday

Looking good, buddy.

So there you have it. A couple of #CyclingCapTuesday highlights to get you into the spirit for next week. If you commute by bike, work on Tuesdays, and own a cycling cap, please join us next week on Twitter!


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