The Always Be Coffeeneuring Club

Do you ride your bike to drink coffee or tea? Or even hot chocolate? Do you not care about rules, or perhaps not care for rules? Are you in training for the upcoming coffeeneuring season?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might be want to join the Always Be Coffeeneuring (ABC) Club. Requirements to be part of the ABC Club are as follows:

  1. You ride a bike;
  2. You occasionally use a bike to ride to a nice beverage, particularly coffee; and
  3. $5 for an Always Be Coffeeneuring patch ($6 if you are outside the U.S.).

Membership in the Always Coffeeneuring Club means that you are part of the greater community of coffeeneuring. 

Always Be Coffeeneuring Club members know no coffeeneuring season. You coffeeneur in summer, fall, winter, whenever it suits you, wherever it suits you. Coffeeneuring is your lifestyle.

You also receive an embroidered patch designed by Umbrella Works and made by Falls Creek Outfitters. (Really, the Always Be Coffeeneuring Club is all about the patch.)

How do you join? Send $5 via PayPal to coffeeneur “at” International members please send $6 total to cover the additional mailing fee. Be sure to include an address so I know where to mail your patch.

That’s all you have to do and voila! You are an official member of the officially unofficial Always Be Coffeeneuring Club.

Membership open until it isn’t! ABC!


  1. Love this! Would it be possible to have the brilliant design(s) put on small stickers? Then we can adorn our various coffeeneuring steeds on an annual basis. I love my patch but I’m afraid to sew it onto something because my (ahem) taste and needs in bags for biking varies widely. (In other words, I can’t decide which one to put it on!) I would be SO willing to pay for stickers!

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  2. I sense a Glenn Gary Glenn Ross tie-in here.
    “Ride on the line which is dotted!”
    “Coffeneuring is for closers!”
    “First prize is a Coffeneuring patch. Second prize, a patch kit. Third prize, you’re fired!”
    “My bike cost more than your car, pal.”


    • Good catch on the Mamet connection, but it’s purely coincidence I assure you! The Always Be Coffeeneuring Club is no Glengarry Glen Ross affair, although it is funny to juxtapose the two 🙂

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  3. In Mamet-ese, we’d be having conversations like, “Will you get some coffee? Will you? Will you please? Will you get some coffee?”
    I just joined. I’ll be looking forward to receiving my patch. You will send it, won’t you? Won’t you send it? My patch? Won’t you? Won’t you send it?

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  4. Just signed up, thanks! I second the sticker idea – and what about a Walz cap with the logo? (OK, OK, I can see where things get toooo complicated…)


  5. I only just realized that Coffeeneuring is a thing. My wife and I spend most every Saturday riding to find coffee! I’ll be sending off for my patch for sure, as well as participating next year.


  6. Hi Mary, I would love to join the ABC Club (have joined the Strava group) and represent you in Adelaide, South Australia. Are the patches still available? If yes, I’ll send payment via PayPal.
    Is the coffeeneuring challenge running this year? Cheers, Trish.


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