Running Down the Hits: 12 Months on 2 Feet

The year winds down, and the lull in normal activity opens up time for reflection. The last 12 months have signified intense growth for me, but not in the areas that I write about here. I tried some new things I wanted to do, and learned a lot about the importance of incremental progress and a good sense of humor. Both running and cycling remained foundational activities to my … Continue reading Running Down the Hits: 12 Months on 2 Feet

Forward: Run Goals Unlocked

Normally around this time of year, I find myself in a state of contemplation, reflecting on the year behind me. I thought I’d post a summary or two about 2015 running and cycling, but when I sat down to write, it didn’t work.

This year I devoted a lot of time to “big thoughts,” sad thoughts, fears. I reflected on how I can do things now that I may not be able to do in the future. I thought about how good health is a gift that can only be maintained and managed to a certain point, and then an event will happen to remind us that nothing is a fountain of youth. Continue reading “Forward: Run Goals Unlocked”

12 Months By the Potomac River

Ever since I moved near the D.C. waterfront, the Potomac River has silently shaped my movement. I sidle along it to leave the city and head into Maryland. I must cross it by way of one of two or three bridges to reach Virginia. Continue reading “12 Months By the Potomac River”

BikeDC Commutes 2014: The Months in Photos

As I was assembling my recent post about 12 months of running in D.C., I realized that I wanted a memory of the past year’s bike commutes in the city.

Considering I spent much of the year feeling blasé about the urban bike experience, my photos make it seem like it wasn’t so bad. As if I enjoyed it, even. Continue reading “BikeDC Commutes 2014: The Months in Photos”

RunDC: 12 Months of Running in Washington, D.C.

I am on my way to Kindergarten. My mom has packed my lunch for me. I stuff it in my backpack, shrug on my coat, and point my two little feet toward school. It’s three blocks away– three country blocks and I have five-year-old legs, but still… it’s three blocks. And I have 30 minutes to walk these three blocks, so it should be no problem to arrive well before circle time. One would think.

Despite an ample time cushion, I was a chronically late Kindergartener. The 8:30 a.m. bell sounded, and I was still winding my way to the school’s front doors. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I would saunter into class.

Every day I took the same route to school, but the outdoors always had ways of luring me away from my scholastic endeavors. School’s sameness bored me, but my walking route did not. Continue reading “RunDC: 12 Months of Running in Washington, D.C.”

Dig Deep. Flow Like Water: Goals Met and Unmet in 2014

As each calendar year begins, I consider the activities I’d like to accomplish and how I want to go about them. I record my intended approach as a theme.

The emergence of a year’s theme is based partly on anticipation, a bit on what’s transpired in the past, and my mood at the time. I usually flesh it out in January, when Felkerino and I are plotting vacations, brevets, marathons, and things.

A theme can also be like a like a mantra, used to underly the year’s activities and any goals I’ve set.

The theme for 2014 was “Dig Deep. Flow Like Water.” Initially, the ideas of digging deep and flowing like water struck me as contrary, but as I reflect on the year I see how they played out together. Continue reading “Dig Deep. Flow Like Water: Goals Met and Unmet in 2014”

2014: Bike Rides (Mostly) and Photos

As December approaches its final days, I find myself in a reflective mood. As in previous years, I’ve put together a set of Year in Review photos to summarize many of the year’s activities.

This is my image-centric summary of 2014. Continue reading “2014: Bike Rides (Mostly) and Photos”

2013 in Review: Bike Rides (Mostly) and Photos

I’m back with the second part of my year-end post, a month-by-month set of photos. For nine of the 12 months I feature one photo that best represented the month, but three months warranted more than one. As this is a personal glimpse at how I saw the 12 months of 2013, all photos that follow are ones that I took throughout the year. Here we go: January … Continue reading 2013 in Review: Bike Rides (Mostly) and Photos

2013 in Review: Goals, Mileage, Rides, and Runs

At the beginning of this year I committed to having a different kind of year than I had in 2012. At the end of last year I had started to feel burned out, as though I had been doing the same thing over and over and not enjoying it. Felkerino and I agreed to back off on the longer brevets this year. Instead we focused … Continue reading 2013 in Review: Goals, Mileage, Rides, and Runs

Looking Ahead Without a Spreadsheet

As mentioned in a previous post, I track the miles I run and ride. I keep tabs on the number of days I do each activity. Bike ride? Check. Trip to the gym? Check. Miles ridden or run? Write them down. I usually take great pleasure watching the trips and miles add up over the days and months until they culminate into a great big … Continue reading Looking Ahead Without a Spreadsheet

2012 in Review: Variety is the Spice of Life

Another December passes, the sun sets on 2012, and I find myself reflecting about the activities of the past year.

Sunset on Day 1 of the Colorado High Country 1200K

While Felkerino and I focused on preparing for and completing Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011, our 2012 cycling proved more varied.

We commuted, completed a Super Randonneur series with the D.C. Randonneurs, trained to ride the Colorado High Country 1200K, rode more dirt roads, and planned a weeklong bike tour of Southern Virginia.

Continue reading “2012 in Review: Variety is the Spice of Life”

Randonneur Rewind: Another Take on my First Year of Randonneuring

It’s hard for me to believe that I completed my first Super Randonneur series in 2005. That seems so long ago, yet it doesn’t feel like I’ve been randonneuring for that many years. Time is flying!

As the brevet season kicked off for Felkerino and me this past weekend, I started feeling a little nostalgic and excavated this post out of the archives.

It’s a first-year reflection on randonneuring as well as the touring rides Felkerino and I did with the well-known duo of Chuck and Crista. The highlight of that first year in 2005 included completion of the SR series as well as a bike tour to Niagara Falls with Chuck and Crista and friends, where we averaged over 90 miles a day. With bags!

I shared a couple of other posts of my early randonneuring days previously, but thought you might enjoy this one, too.

Continue reading “Randonneur Rewind: Another Take on my First Year of Randonneuring”

More 2011 in Review: The Rides and the Photos

The past couple of years, I started photographing more of my rides. I like having the tangible memory of an outing. I’ve always written ride stories, but this year, I enjoyed capturing commutes, weekend touring rides, brevets, meetups with friends, and miscellaneous errand running. I spent a fair amount of time cycling in 2011, in between my other responsibilities and interests, much of it with … Continue reading More 2011 in Review: The Rides and the Photos

2011 in Review: The Rides and Photos

January Our neck of the woods did not receive much snow this year, making January a rideable month. We did have below-average temperatures, though, so some rides were chilly. These two shots are from a sub-freezing sunny century Felkerino and I did in early January. My ankles felt so cold that I thought they could possibly shatter if you tapped on them hard enough. Crossing … Continue reading 2011 in Review: The Rides and Photos