Inauguration Weekend & Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lanes

The city is almost ready for Inauguration Day. Yesterday I tried to capture the final preparations from a perspective slightly higher than ground level.

Capitol down the Mall

On my commute home I took the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes in order to see the Art of Weiwei projection on the exterior of the Newseum. This is only on display from January 17th through the 19th in honor of the inauguration so if you are in town, Saturday is your last chance to see it.

Weiwei 2


A cold evening with little traffic, I stood with my bike, absorbed the quiet scene displayed on the First Amendment tablet of the Newseum, and contemplated Weiwei’s images and words.

Pennsylvania Ave Bike Lane

Today (Saturday) Felkerino and I went for an outing that included a lap on Pennsylvania Avenue and a brief stroll across the National Mall.

Signage displayed on various buildings celebrated the upcoming inauguration.

The Willard Intercontinental Salutes America's 44th President
The Willard Intercontinental Salutes America’s 44th President
Newseum Welcomes President Obama
Newseum Welcomes President Obama
Canada Salutes President Obama
Canada Salutes President Obama, Vice President Biden

The upcoming festivities combined with warmer temperatures (creeping up on 50) and bright sun brought out the people.

Pedicabs. Hi!
Pedicabs. Hi!

The result was a downtown mishmosh of gleeful tourists, grumpy locals, excited locals, frazzled families, and haggard motorists who were continually being shunted off some of the main streets due to the inauguration road closures.

Felkerino. Excited local? Disgruntled local? You make the call.
Felkerino. Excited local? Disgruntled local? You make the call.

The ride down Pennsylvania was beautiful, not only weather-wise, but because vehicular access to the street was limited, almost equalizing the number of bicycles to cars on the street for once. And no nasty car U-turns!

Pennsylvania Avenue. It's a bike lane. It's a parade route! It has almost no cars on it today!
Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s a bike lane. It’s a parade route! It has almost no cars on it today!

Washington, D.C., is a city that loves ceremony.

The bleachers are up.

Port o’potties align the Mall.

Port O' Potty closeup by National Archives.
Port O’ Potty closeup by National Archives.

Mobile command centers are in position.

The freshly seeded green grass looks pristine and ready to be tromped on.

DC and USA flags - Inauguration Day

Can’t wait for Monday.


  1. Now I also understand the 200 porta potties another blogger wrote about. I never even thought about the Inauguration bc the election seems so long ago. Hopefully the fact I’m Australian and I don’t watch / read the news is enough excuse for my ignorance 🙂


  2. Great photos. Never mind the inauguration, I’m drooling over those bike lanes. If only we could have some like that here in London! Anyway, enjoy the festivities and thanks for following my blog.


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