Errandonnee Prize Distribution Update!

Greetings readers and errandeurs. This message is to update you on the status of the distribution of the Errandonnee goodies.

Errandonnee prizes, secured with a U-lock
Errandonnee prizes, secured with a U-lock

While I planned to put these in the mail a couple of weeks ago, due to a variety of excuses reasons (mostly bike-, work-, and dinner duty-related), I have been delayed.

My goal is to get the Errandonnee treasure out this week so be on the lookout for it over the next week or so. I’ll send a follow-up notice when all prizes have been mailed.


In the meantime, how about this pretty photo of the cherry blossoms with Felkerino’s pretty Rivendell and my trusty Surly LHT? Not long now!


  1. Got to your blog via a link from Lovely Bicycle! – I love the idea of these Errandonnees (and the coffeeneuring!) – are you planning on hosting any more in the near future, or is randonneuring proper the spring/summer pursuit of choice??!! 🙂


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