What Word Sums Up Your Cycling Experience?

Photo by Felkerino
Photo by Felkerino

With the D.C. area’s celebration of riding your bike to work known as Bike to Work Day happening this Friday, I’m revisiting some inspiring words from the #BikeDC cyclists I interviewed several months ago.

One of several questions I asked of this group was:

What word or phrase describes your D.C. bicycling experience?

I love this question because cycling can mean so many different things to people. Yet common themes also exist among us. Below is what some of the members of #BikeDC had to say in response to that question.


-Marc M.

Maturity. I was still a neophyte to bicycling when I arrived at DC, and I feel I’m learning more and more about city and recreational cycling as I go. I think my experience here has been about growing up, and it’s been a supportive environment to learn.


Fun. I always have fun on my bike.


Rootchopper and Lisa by the Georgetown Waterfront (Photo by Felkerino)
Rootchopper and Lisa by the Georgetown Waterfront (Photo by Felkerino)

Educational. I’ve started actually thinking about infrastructure and culture and how communities can thrive if our government systems take more than just the car into consideration.


Getting better all the time — in most respects.


Grateful. I’m grateful to have the kind of cycling environment that I get to share with my daughter. It’s a warm community with welcoming places to ride.



Kate and Kirstin

Justin and John on Pennsylvania Avenue (Photo by Felkerino)
Justin and John on Pennsylvania Avenue (Photo by Felkerino)

What are you waiting for? Tell me what word sums it up for you, and let’s all go ride our bikes! Maybe I’ll see you out during Bike to Work Day?

P.S. Thanks again to everybody who participated in the original #BikeDC Speaks series.  


  1. ‘Wet’. I’ve got rained on every day this week! (In fact it was hailstones yesterday!).

    [But I get a feeling of ‘exhilaration’ feeling afterwards!]


  2. It’s always been about “Freedom” for me. Freedom from the car; freedom from financial worries regarding owning a car. Freedom from household ownership when out on long tours; freedom to ride as long as I like. And nowadays, it’s often freedom from the frenetic home life with two boys. (Or, is that “escape”?)


  3. This is inspirational, thank you all! Here in Baltimore we’re a little behind the curve as far as commuting support and infrastructure, but the spirit is the same. I look forward to your biking posts and especially enjoyed those chasing dog photos recently 😉


  4. Thankful…….. because it’s freeing and fun to be on the move on two wheels. I can get to work, decrease my imprint, and stay healthy with the revolution of the pedals. I can ride around the city or get out of town.


  5. I think the word I’m looking for is “can.” Biking gives me the feeling that I can do anything I want. Deliver baked goods? Sure! Cart Kiddos around? You bet! Pre-Dawn gravel grind? Yeehaa! That’s not to say “can’t” doesn’t come up on occasion, but that’s the legs talking, and I try not to listen.


  6. Passion for an activity that brings on a good feeling. I also like pursuing an interest that does not end. That is what cycling means to me.


  7. I think my word would be independence. Travel and transportation by bike allows me to meet all my basic needs plus the extras.


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