Pure Bliss: D.C. Randonneurs 300K

The ride begins with warmth in the air. After a couple hours of darkness, the sun rises and bounces down the road with us. It must sense that we’re in for a 190-mile day of play.

The sun and I get along so well. The temperatures rise, but there are no uncomfortable flare-ups.

Carol and D. Warrenton 300K Brevet 2014

Carol, Bill. Warrenton 300K Brevet

I’m not sure how it happens, but Felkerino and I coalesce with others, forming a group that rides together through the first century.

We flow up and down the day’s rises. Everyone holds their space well and conversation is relaxed. We take photos. Of course.

Bill. 2014 Warrenton 300K Brevet

As energy levels change, the group disburses. Felkerino and I ride alone, basking in the glorious day. I almost wish we were riding a 400K so we could make the ride last longer. Almost.

Matt. Warrenton 300K brevet

My legs show up and urge us on throughout. Pedal pedal pedal. Let’s go! Felkerino and I are completely in tune with each other, both present in each pedal stroke and aware of the other.

At some points my feet say, “Hold on, legs, I need a break,” so we stop under the sunny skies and I sit in stocking feet while the breeze attends to my toes. Ahhh, so nice.

300K Brevet. Shoes and Camelbak

After miles of riding solo, we come upon another group of rando-buddies. We ride peacefully to the next control. Company makes the miles pass quickly.

Randonneur lifestyle. 2014 Warrenton 300K brevet

The cue sheet says 60 miles remain, and I have a moment of “Will we ever get to the end?” A helpful wind pushes us forward and says gently, “Of course you will.”

In the final miles, we reunite with Bill, who I was sure had already finished. We’ve spent many a good brevet mile with Bill over the years.  We ride in as a group while the late afternoon sun continues to keep us company.

Finished. Warrenton 300K Brevet 2014

To bookend this blissful day, I make sure to take one last photo. What a day.

More photos where those came from. Full set here.



  1. Perfect weather for a long ride. I am dissappointed that you didn’t get an OBS or an OCS (obligatory barn/cow shot). Maybe next time. You made up for it with the shot of the three randos sitting on the ground in front of the store. Looks like an album cover.


  2. Hi, Mary,

    Nice report, I’m glad you enjoyed it, what a beautiful day!

    I had a mostly-similarly-idyllic ride. An exception was the super-mega-power-bonk that started with all the climbing a couple of miles before Gordonsville, about mile 103 and continued despite a 1/2 hour stop at Gordonsville all the way to the B&R market control at mile 124. I think the heat was a contributor, too. But by the end, I was feeling really good, not eager to stop, and felt like I could have done another 100km if I had had the supplies.

    The first gravel downhill was terrifying because it was newly-laid, deep gravel. I came to a full stop and got off my bike intending to walk downhill but then I got back on and descended very, very, very slowly. After that, though, the gravel was fun. Really hard work because the climbing was much steeper than anything on the paved roads. But on a short ride like a 300 the extra work was good for me 🙂



    • We did not do the gravel section, preferring the tandem-friendly rollers on F.T. Valley Road. Happily, heat was not an issue for me on Saturday. In fact, I demand more! 🙂


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