Coffeeneuring Challenge Prize Reveal and… Maps!

The Coffeeneuring Challenge continues to be in full swing, and riders have until November 20 to complete 7 rides to 7 different places for 7 cups of coffee. That means if you have completed at least one ride, you can still successfully complete this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge.

As submissions arrive at Coffeeneuring Challenge Headquarters, they will be reviewed and verified. In addition, the cities and states where coffeeneuring occurred will be entered onto the Coffeeneuring Maps. These maps are maintained by the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring, which you will find here.

Coffeeneuring Maps 2013

We currently maintain three maps: the United States of Coffeeneuring; the Global Cities of Coffeeneuring; and the Coffeeneuring Community Destinations Map. The United States of Coffeeneuring and the Global Cities of Coffeeneuring Maps are currently not showing any finishers yet, although I received the first official submission for 2016 yesterday, and I anticipate many more!

The Coffeeneuring Community Destinations Map is maintained by you! As coffeeneurs, you may enter information about the places you visited, along with a few details about your coffeeneuring stops. It’s becoming a great resource for coffeeneurs and it’s fun to watch the map grow as the challenge continues. To learn more about how to enter your stops, read this post.

And now, the prize! If you can cross the finish line with 7 qualifying rides, you then merit the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers Badge! Last week I talked with Doug, the coffeeneur behind the patches. And today I’m rolling out the patch he designed for this year’s finishers. Drumroll, please.

Doug/Umbrella Works 2016 Coffeeneuring Finisher's Badge
Doug/Umbrella Works 2016 Coffeeneuring Finisher’s Badge


Ta daaaa! Thank you, Doug! All bonified finishers are eligible for the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers patch, which will cost you a mere five dollars (six dollars for those outside the U.S.) but carries with it a full season of coffeeneuring memories. You can PayPal or snail mail the amount to me (yes, like grandma used to do!). The email is: gersemalina “at”; send me a note if you wish to go the snail mail route.

Let's go coffeeneuring!
Let’s go coffeeneuring!

As a reminder, you can submit your rides in a variety of ways, which are fully explained here. If you are posting your rides in the Coffeeneurs Facebook Group, you can also send me note with your name, and I can search the group to review and verify your rides. It’s that easy!

In the meantime, keep on coffeeneuring. The challenge rolls through Sunday, November 20!



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