Save the Date: Coffeeneuring Challenge Starts October 13

Hello readers, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is back for the 7th year (SEVEN!) and you are going to love it! And it kicks off on Friday the 13th, too, so you won’t forget when to start pedaling.

Here is a mini-Q&A teaser for you:

  1. Has the challenge changed much in the last year? No.
  2. Why no big changes? Because we need some predictability in our lives.
  3. Does routine make it boring? Only if you let it.
  4. Does the Coffeeneuring Challenge still have rules? This is not a real question. Of course there are rules.
  5. Are the rules hard? Yes. No. No!
  6. What are the rules? Coming soon, but the general game is ride your bike to 7 different cups of coffee over 6 weeks. Ride a bicycle at least 2 miles round trip, and take a picture (or do something else to document it) each time. Do it by yourself or with others, and most important, enjoy all the coffeeneuring season offers!
  7. Is there a prize? YES!
  8. Is the prize a mountain of money? No.
  9. Will I like the prize? I think you will, friends.


  1. Something to brighten up the autumnal rides especially if dark & wet in England

    Will be getting the bike ready for winter riding – mudguards & lights and the maps out to see which cafes & coffee shops open


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