Errandonnee 2018: The Details of our Lives

The Errandonnee is back for its sixth year, my friends. This challenge is designed for the utility cyclist and transportation runner with errands to do, no matter the season. That cyclist or runner might be you!

The short version of the Errandonnee is:

Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12 days, and ride or run a total of 30 miles between March 20-31, 2018.

Errands are inevitable, so let’s appreciate the active transportation we often do, but seldom celebrate.

The term “errandonnee” is a hybrid of “errands” and the French word “randonnee.” Conceptually, these two words may not initially fit well together, but string 12 errands together for one long ride interrupted by sleep and other diversions, and you have… an errandonnee.

You don’t have to ride your bike, as this challenge also features the Errandonnee: Run Option!

You can run or ride your way to the Errandonnee finish line – or a combination of the two. Same rules apply to the Errandonnee: Run Option (or “Errundonnee” if you’re fancy), as the bike version of the Errandonnee.

You don’t get to use words with triple double letters very often, so how can you not participate in the Errandonnee?


Below are the 10 Errandonnee categories (or controls) in order for you to plan and map your Errandonnee accordingly:

  • Personal Care
  • Personal Business
  • You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Non-Store Errand
  • Social Call (includes restaurants, coffee, and other social activities)
  • Work or Volunteering, School (includes dropping off kids)
  • Store (includes bike shop, running store, grocery store, etc. You know, a store.)
  • Peaceful Everyday Actions
  • Wild Card (surprise me!)

As this is a Chasing Mailboxes challenge, I added some rules. I think after you read them you will find this challenge quite manageable.

  1. Complete 12 errands by bike or feet from March 20 through March 31, 2018. You can ride or run all 12 errands in one day, do one errand per day, or whatever combination that works for you.
  2. Keep track of your errands and miles. (I only need the cumulative number of miles you completed for the entire Errandonnee, NOT the distance per errand.)
  3. There is no minimum length for each errand, but total cycling or running miles must total at least 30 over 12 days. (You can go multi-modal. You can combine running and riding. You can also walk! Note the number of bicycling miles vs. running miles on your control card/submission.)
  4. Complete all 12 errands by the end of March and from at least 7 of the 10 categories. Each category may be used a maximum of two times. For example, you may count a ride or runcommute to work a total of two times.
  5. Wild Card is any trip you make that does not fall into any of the categories listed on the control card.
  6. If you carry a baked good for the “You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!” please provide a before and after photo. For the run category, please briefly describe your main Errandonnee shoes and pack you use for carrying stuff around. If you ride, I’d love to see a photo of your main Errandonnee bike.
  7. To evidence your errand, take one photo during your outing and submit at least one thing you learned or observed during your trip. Photos may be provided in the following ways:
    • The Errandonnee Facebook Group.
    • The Errandonnee Strava Group.
    • If you have a blog, you can post them there and send me the links.
    • You may also use a site like flickr and link me to your photos.
    • Instagram! Hashtag #errandonnee
    • Tweets! Hashtag #errandonnee
    • Finally, I will accept 12 photos via email if that works best for you.
  8. Earth limitation still applies. All participants must be from somewhere on Earth.
  9. If the Errandonnee stresses you out or has too many rules or makes you feel some kind of way, you should stop. This is designed to be fun and if you are not having fun then please do not continue.
  10. Deadline for all Errandonnee submissions is around midnight in your area, April 10 or so, 2018. Email me when you’ve finished (gersemalina “at” gmail “dot” com), and tell me where you’ve posted your errands. I’ll verify them. Send all qualifying rides together.
  11. Everyone who successfully completes the Errandonnee is eligible for a prize, which is $5, or the costs to me to purchase and mail the item. New patch design for 2018! To purchase your prize, you may PayPal me at the gmail address above, or send your money by snail mail like grandma used to do (email me for my address). International entries pay $6. Please include an address with your submission so that I may mail your Errandonnee treasure.

If you have a blog and errandeur, please let me know in the comments so we can follow along!

Additional questions?

Ask in the comments of this post or send me an email.

Get you’re to-do lists ready and mark your calendars. The Errandonnee: March 20-31. Let’s focus on the details of our lives, it’s time to ride or run and get stuff done.


  1. Reblogged this on A Few Spokes Shy of a Wheel and commented:
    Here’s an update about the Errandonnee. Bike to the doctor’s office. Or work. Or the bank. Or that get-together with friends. After 12 days of this, you’ll see how easy it is to leave your car in the driveway and do errands by bike all year. There are errand categories and rules. Nothing you can’t handle. So mark your calendars and play.


  2. MG, long time no talk. I really appreciate and value your blog as well as Felkerino’s Daily Randonneur blog. Thanks to you both. Not much about errandonee, but our daughter qualified for and is running Boston this year. She won’t be fast because she has an IT band injury (whatever that is). She will just run it at whatever speed she can. My wife and I will be there of course.

    My wife and I have two metric centuries done so far this season (just a warm up for you). We look forward to seeing your posts for the upcoming cycling season. Have a great spring.


  3. […] Errandonnee, dates flexible: DC rider/blogger/Inventor of Fun Informal Challenges Mary Gersemalina created errandonnee in a mash-up of errand + randonneuring. The 2019 errandonnee post will give you an idea of what’s involved — rules get tweaked a bit each year. Basically you bike (or run, for Errundonnee) to a variety of destination types over a specific time period and reach the target mileage total. […]


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