Coffeeneuring Challenge UPDATE

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! This post is to update everyone on the status of coffeeneuring patches and bandanas. On January 1, patches and bandanas were mailed out to all who completed the challenge and ordered (and paid for) the grand patch prize.

It appears that some patches this year (more than usual) were unable to find their way to Point B (i.e., your house). If you ordered a patch, but have not received your prize by now, please let me know via email, Facebook, Insta, or the blog contact form and we will see if the postal service can do a bit better in round two.

If you did receive your coffeeneuring prizes, I’d love to see what you do with them. Photos on the Coffeeneurs Facebook group, Instagram (#coffeeneuring, #coffeeneuring2018), or other methods welcome!

Thank you, and I hope everyone is doing well in this brand new year.


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