2021 Coffeeneuring Challenge: Finisher’s Premium and Submission Details

Coffeeneurs, you are in my thoughts as you continue your Coffeeneuring Challenge journeys. Some of you will be completing the challenge this very week and will enter c+1 bonus rounds. If you still have rides to go, that’s awesome! Make the most of the season.

The challenge continues through November 30 (a Tuesday) so technically you could start today and still finagle your way to an official finish. I’m just saying, you could do it.


Once you’ve completed your rides, please submit your finishing information to me via this Google form. It should walk you through everything you need to provide about your rides. You do not need editing rights to use the form, simply complete it. If you have problems accessing or completing this form, please let me know immediately and we will sort it out.

Please complete the Google form submission by December 7 December 10 or so.

Finisher’s Prize

Let’s talk finisher’s premium! As has become the custom, a unique patch has been designed once again this year by Umbrella Works and it will be made by Falls Creek Outfitters. We’re keeping it bright this year with a dynamic color combination that includes: Very Velo Violet; Ultra-Fast Pink; Cafe Cafe Cafe; and Fun Not-So-Fast Fuchsia. The patch is accented with Pedal to the Metal.

Basically, you should all get this patch because the color combination (and their names) cannot be beat. We’re still working on the ideal patch size and I’ll follow up once that’s finalized. I estimate it will be between 2 and 2.75 inches. As I say, I will update.

I will follow up via email with finishers after December 7 for payment details. I will also post something here on the blog.

Price of Finisher’s Prize

Finishers prize is $6 for U.S.-based finishers, and $8 for everyone else. This includes shipping. It also includes stickers because stickers are fun. Once you complete the finisher’s form, I will contact you with payment details. Again, just complete and submit the form, no editing rights required.

In a world where everything seems like it can be easily acquired, only those who complete the challenge are eligible to purchase these special patches. It’s great to be able to offer something unique just for coffeeneurs.

Alright, everyone, all for now. Back to coffeeneuring, and as always, please contact me with any questions. It’s a great c+1 year!


  1. Hi Mary
    I forgot to reach out to you…I did not think of this until a few weeks ago, but I have a line item for next year’s October issue of Between Controls to include Coffeeneuring as a topic! Hey, we gotta spread all the positivity we can, right?
    Hugs your way! Hope school is going well!


  2. Hi Mary, got Finisher’s Prize today. Thanks! It’s going on my messenger bag as soon as I get a rainy afternoon. I hope the new web form lightened the load for getting all these mailed out; it certainly got here fast-fast. Anyway, thanks for putting this on yet another year, and I’m already looking forward to next fall.


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