c+1 Coffeeneuring Challenge 2021 Call for Photos and Illustrations

As I write this, just over 24 hours remain in the 2021 Coffeeneuring Challenge. Submissions are coming into Coffeeneuring Challenge HQ fast and furiously, but there’s still time!

One full day plus a few hours left.

If you have a ride remaining to cross the official finish line, now is your chance! You can do it. The Coffeeneuring Challenge Committee and I are rooting for you!

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2021 Submissions

Once you complete your challenge, all you need to do is complete this handy form (https://forms.gle/xStc8M4zVUWUtpSk8)! You do not need edit access to complete it; rather, respond to all questions and submit. It’s that easy! If you have any issues with it, please let me know.

I’ll be following up by December 10 with those who are eligible and would like the grand patch prize.

c+1 2021 Coffeeneuring Challenge Highlights

c+1 Coffeeneuring Challenge 2021 Call for Photos, Illustrations, and Writing

In other news, for those who have begun reminiscing about their 2021 coffeeneuring season, have I got something special for you. The team of (underqualified, unpaid) Coffeeneuring Challenge interns and I are putting together a few photo/art galleries to highlight the wonderful rides that encapsulated the challenge this year. I hope you will consider submitting a photo or two so we can relive the rides that were as we venture into the Always Be Coffeeneuring season.

While many of us are on social media, not everyone is and the blog serves as a central sharing point. In addition, and as many of you have likely seen, time passes and the trail of coffeeneuring vanishes like the breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel as they ventured into the forest.

To help us create a virtual shared scrapbook of the 2021 Coffeeneuring Challenge I’m asking participants (i.e., YOU) to share favorite photos (and/or illustrations and/or writing) from 2021 rides in the 7 following categories:

  1. People
  2. Place
  3. Coffee Shop Without Walls
  4. Theme within a Theme
  5. Spirit of Coffeeneuring
  6. Collage
  7. Wildcard (anything else you think merits highlighting this year)

Please submit no more than one photo per category.

If you submit your photo/illustration, note that the plan is to post it on this blog, which is a public forum.

When submitting your photo or illustration, please include the following information:

  1. Category;
  2. Photo/image title;
  3. Photo/image credit (whatever name you want used publicly); and
  4. Something about the photo/image (such as where it was taken, why you chose it, you know what to do)

Please use some variation of “Coffeeneuring photos” as the email subject and send submissions to gersemalina “at” gmail “dot” com by December 10. The interns and I will sort through them and assemble a virtual scrapbook for everyone as a Coffeeneurmas present. I hope you will participate.

Remember, one full day left to complete the 2021 challenge. You got this!


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