Skyline Drive – mile 105 to 42


The day started in mist, fog, and a climb from Waynesboro, Virginia, up to Skyline Drive. Morning fog kept us well-insulated from any mountain views so I spent the morning focused on the trees and falling leaves within ten feet of me.

Around one, the winds kicked up and pushed away the low-lying cloud cover and kept steady company with us for the rest of the day.

Tour conditions are in transition. We avoided inclement weather, but the temperatures fell into the 40s and the wind whipped everything around, including us. Felkerino and I were getting far too spoiled by these 80-mile, low humidity, calm sunny days. What kind of brevet training is that?!

It was still a great ride. Traffic was sparse. The blue sky and afternoon sun after a damp gloomy morning buoyed my spirits and kept my legs turning the pedals. The wind gusted loudly through the trees and washed us in crisp leafy air. Views of the valley and colorful trees were not crystal clear, but they were grand enough to keep me enthused about the ups and downs of the ridge.

Also, the more challenging conditions of today’s ride made me feel perfectly fine about devouring a cookie and Route 11 sweet potato chips for lunch.

Tomorrow, more Skyline!

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