From Middletown to Monterey: Two Days, 255 Miles

Felkerino and I have been making the most of our weekend warrior lifestyle with two straight weekends of bike overnights on our Co-Motion tandem. This past weekend we toured with our rando-friends John and Cindy, who also ride a Co-Motion tandem– a 650B Speedster. Isn’t it beautiful? Both days included plenty of climbing and stunning views. We are lucky to live so close to such … Continue reading From Middletown to Monterey: Two Days, 255 Miles

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Broken Bottom Brackets, and Trail Magic

Lately I’ve been remembering Felkerino’s and my short-lived honeymoon bike tour from four years ago. This adventure happened before I brought this blog to life, but on occasion I like to recall some of these blasts from the past.

This story is particularly special to me and not just because it was our honeymoon. It was also a time when one of our worst bike mechanicals occurred and we experienced our first brush with trail magic.

Toasted bottom bracket on the Co-Motion

Our honeymoon tour began from our front door in Washington, D.C., out the W&OD trail into Virginia, and over to Skyline Drive. After completing the 105 miles of Skyline, we planned to traverse a large portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, starting in Waynesboro, Virginia and ending in Pisgah, North Carolina several days later. It was an (overly) ambitious plan, with Felkerino and I planning to average 95 miles per day for the length of our tour.

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Southern Virginia Tandem Bike Tour Lessons Learned and Wrap-Up Post

Writing during the journey is always a bit different than what comes to mind after a bike tour ends. The week has given me time to reflect on the trip we had, and I wanted to throw up some summary observations, assessments, and lessons learned from our recent jaunt around southern Virginia on our Cannondale tandem.

Felkerino and me, bike touring with the Cannondale, Carradice Camper, and two small Ortliebs


  • 8 days
  • 636 miles
  • Average mileage: 79.5 miles per day
  • Longest day: 105.6 miles
  • Shortest day: 68 miles

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Pedaling the Blue Ridge Parkway: The Dream I Thought I Had

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Parkway

This past Saturday, Felkerino and I capped off our weeklong bike tour of southern Virginia with two days on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Below is a map of the segment we toured, which extended from Floyd to the northern edge of the Parkway in Waynesboro, Virginia. As you can see, we covered slightly more than 150 miles of the parkway.

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What I Learned Bike Touring from Wytheville to Floyd, Virginia

Today Felkerino and I headed off to Floyd, a southern Virginia town that abuts the Blue Ridge Parkway. A scenic and challenging day in many ways, it brought home a few themes about bike touring.


1. If the route isn’t working, change it.

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Bike Touring from Blacksburg to Wytheville, Virginia

The weather:  Sunny and dry

Miles ridden:  92


Mountains:  Three, one being the notable Walker Mountain ten miles outside Wytheville.

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Into the Teeth of the Virginia Highlands

The past two days of riding have brought home the fact that all rides are not created equal.


Felkerino and I plotted our 70-mile days, climbing away from Clifton Forge, over Dolly Mountain to Covington, and across Hay’s Gap to overnight in Paint Bank.

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Bike Touring Southern Virginia on the Lead Sled

Felkerino and I are off bike touring in  Virginia this week. We began our ride in Waynesboro and are winding our way south to Wytheville.

Day 1 we rode to Lexington, a quaint historic town.

Yesterday, Day 2, we arrived in Clifton Forge, part of the Alleghany Highlands region.

We’ve employed the mountain Cannondale tandem for the trip. So far so good.

Two small Ortlieb panniers in the front, Carradice Camper saddlebag in the back. The bike handles well with a load and climbs solidly.

We’ve moderated our mileage to around 70 miles a day for the first three days, which allows us to sleep in, stop when we feel like it, and savor the journey.

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We interrupt this tour for the D.C. Randonneurs 200K Brevet

Felkerino and I ditched the bags for the day and rode the Cacapon 200K brevet out of Middletown, Virginia. A group of around 35 people participated. Even though we rode much of the ride alone, it was great to see and ride in the vicinity of fellow riders.

This route has about a kerpillion feet of climb over 128 miles. Ha! In fact, someone said it falls out at around 9,000 feet. Continue reading “We interrupt this tour for the D.C. Randonneurs 200K Brevet”

Skyline Drive – mile 42 to 0

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Skyline Drive – mile 105 to 42


The day started in mist, fog, and a climb from Waynesboro, Virginia, up to Skyline Drive. Morning fog kept us well-insulated from any mountain views so I spent the morning focused on the trees and falling leaves within ten feet of me. Continue reading “Skyline Drive – mile 105 to 42”

Waynesboro, Virginia


Hey, we’re in Waynesboro! The last time Felkerino and I passed through here we had been rescued off the Blue Ridge Parkway by an Appalachian Trail trail angel.

Why, you ask? Thanks for asking! Continue reading “Waynesboro, Virginia”

With Love from Raphine, Virginia





It’s another great day on the Virginia roads. Continue reading “With Love from Raphine, Virginia”

Hello Virginia Highlands!





Hi there! Wish you could be here with us. The best fall colors I have ever seen, warm sun, and leaves gently falling. Well, most are gentle. Continue reading “Hello Virginia Highlands!”