#Coffeeneuring Tweeps: the Unofficial Preliminary and Most Probably Incomplete List

Happy 10-11-12, everyone. As promised, I said I’d be back with a list of those I know using Twitter while engaged in their coffeeneuring pursuits. By combing through the tweets marked with the #coffeeneuring hashtag, I assembled a list of coffeeneuring tweeps.

I’ve also included the Twitter bios. I love reading those things, people describe themselves so differently, and they also give you a flavor of who is participating, either formally or informally, in the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

  1. @crysb: Always welcome the journey. I’m into urbanism, geography, literature, and all kinds of data. Love cycling and hiking. Washington, DC
  2. @Cycleboredom: Powered by snaark. Arlington, VA
  3. @BicycleBug: Entomophile, citizen cyclist, and DC resident. Washington, DC
  4. @MrTinDC: DC resident, librarian, photographer, boat-lover, birdwatcher; smart growther, bike commuter.
  5. @Rootchopper: I have 1 wife, 2 kids, 3 bikes. Pretty simple really…. Alexandria, VA
  6. @ultrarunnergirl: I run ultras, cook obsessively and experimentally, bike commute frequently and blather randomly. Washington DC
  7. @KidicalMassDC: Next ride: National Zoo, tentatively October 27. Washington, DC
  8. @girlonabikedc: I’m a girl. I ride a bike. Washington, DC
  9. @noteon: Writer, book designer, randonneur, NYC cyclist, father of twins, defender of the serial comma, sucker for the subjunctive conditional.
  10. @GeorgeSwain: Educator, endurance cyclist, randonneur, family man. Director of the NYSAIS Emerging Leaders Institute. Hudson Valley, New York
  11. @MichaelRpdx: A curious guy wandering around the memescape.
  12. @Cassarolling (no bio)
  13. @svwagner: Particularly odd, infinitely dense. Madison, WI
  14. @bobyorr: USMC (Ret.), MS I/O Psych, cyclist, hockey player and I like to pick things up and set them down.
  15. @ashleyhdesign: Crappy Cat 4 cyclist, Mazda car junky. Wilmington, MA
  16. @debiguity: vegan shutterbug bike commuter.
  17. @infinitebuffalo: Past linguistics major, future librarian. Past, present, forever map nerd. Cyclist, runner, transit user. Michigander in Pittsburgh; not from or of New York.
  18. @1GoodThing: Don’t make no homemade joke
  19. @pearmask: linguistics spanish bikes sleep repeat. Pittsburgh
  20. @bus15237: Transit advocate, bicycle commuter, vinyl collector, tree hugger, thinker and doer. *Burgh Verified.* Pittsburgh, PA
  21. @missgeorgieo: Cycling! Hills! The North! and Scifi, that’s all.
  22. @lkono: DC, China, Bikes, Education, Geography, Maps, Art, Coffee, Travel. Not necessarily in that order. Dublin, Ireland
  23. @tangobiker: randonneuring, tango, craft & belgium beer, macchiatos & spanish coffee, pinot noir, portland! Oregon
  24. @theoelliot: Randonnerd. (I like bikes!) Portland, OR
  25. @whatsupwheaton: Lives in Wheaton Kensington area and likes to learn about the area, the food and the issues. Pro Costco, anti gas. Keen English soccer fan as I am in English. Wheaton, Maryland
  26. @rfglenn Your superhero name would be ‘Scaredy-Cat.’ Pittsburgh, PA
  27. @dailyrandonneur: I ride in Washington, D.C.
  28. @chrisamaphone: descriptive syntactophilosopher, constructive logomancer, omnipesceovolactovegevore, commutative bicyclic Triparian, hot pink dinosaur. pittsburgh, pa
  29. @KatyChancey: Maker, cycling advocate, swimmer, RMT, cyclist, runner, blogger, fan of great design everywhere, aspiring green live-er, all round great gal… Ottawa, ON
  30. @bikingheels: Biking for transport and fun in Cambridge MA
  31. @JenJen2683: eat, sleep, breathe bikes and gluten free goodness. Bicycle design engineer.
  32. @dirteng works with dirt, rides a bike, observes the world, makes lists, takes pictures. Washington, DC
  33. @JesseKelber: right where I should be
  34. @srpgh
  35. @MikeBikeMason: Father/husband, bicyclist, project manager with a love for nerds, nature and camping. Supporting community, spreading love where ever I may roam. Let’s dance! Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  36. @grafxnerd: Designer. Bike lover. Slave to a cat named Kira. Easily distracted. Likes small sentences. Washington, DC
  37. @keithmo: Bike more, drive less, live longer, live better. Woodinville, WA
  38. @VannevarB: Type 2 #Diabetic. #Clydesdale Bicyclist. #Pittsburgh #Flâneur. Caffeine (ab)User, #Coffeeneur. A bike #geek with a gadget obsession and a high-viz fetish.
  39. @shanksmare1: I arise in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  40. @alexbaca: Assistant editor @wcp. Utility cyclist/#cyclewhatever. Reluctant historic preservation grad student @uofmaryland. I come and go, but mostly go. Washington, D.C.
  41. @lanternerouge: Epidemiologist during the workweek, cyclist, randonneuse, stoker, knitter, & yogini on the side. Maine
  42. @1x: I produce and sometimes implement ideas. Boston (soon: Pittsburgh)
  43. @cyclerdood: bikes,art,film(s),friends,foto. RDU
  44. @franco650b: Hedonist, bike builder Cyclotourisme cyclesjbryant.tumblr.com Portland, OR
  45. @SueFaso: Things I like: cyclocross, animals, running, nature, the environment, peace and quiet, bicycling, zoos, conservation, & quirky humor. You figure out the order! near Syracuse, NY

Did I miss you? Let me know in the comments section or send me a note.

If you have not started coffeeneuring yet, but you’d like to do so, don’t fret. You still have time to join the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Between the blog posts and the tweets, it’s a virtual coffeeneuring festival out there. Fall coffeeneuring is the best!


  1. almost weekend. Hope the weather improves – we have rain and howling winds today :-S
    But all being well I have a nice easy 20 miler to look fwd to tomorrow including canal & West Pennine Moors. Heaven


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