Summer Bike Sampler: Part 2 of 2

We’re back with Part 2 of the Summer Bike Sampler. All the bikes that follow were seen out and about in the Washington, D.C., area.

One day this summer I ventured over to Hains Point and encountered #BikeDC’s Brook and Ted out enjoying some laps in the late afternoon sun.

Ted’s primary commuter is a pretty blue Brompton folding bike. Bromptons, based in England, have become extremely popular in urban areas over the last few years, as they are easily transportable and great for multi-modal commutes.

It takes mere seconds to fold up a Brompton and the frame compacts for easy transport. I have always liked the look of the Brompton frame and the classy arc of the top tube.

I don’t know much about Brook’s bike, a gold Falcon that he has set up as a fixed gear. I know the bike is from England and I don’t believe they are made anymore. It’s a pretty frame, though, and I could not resist posting a pic of it.


Speaking of British bikes I don’t know much about, Felkerino and I saw this Carlton that had been brought in for service at College Park Bikes.


I was fascinated by the bike’s head badge. Is this original? It does not look to match any of the Carltons I saw on the world wide web known also known as the internet.

In other folding bike news, I saw this STRiDA locked up downtown and I was struck with how it easily locked to the parking pole. STRiDA bikes look like they would not be comfortable rides, but I am fascinated by how they break down and become so narrow. Perfect for pole parking.


STRiDAs look like they would be good multi-modal commuter bikes, but like I say, I don’t know how they are comfortable for rides longer than a few miles.

This Dahon Smooth Hound caught my eye as I waited outside of a downtown restaurant to meet a couple of friends. I actually did not think it was one of their folders, but according to the Dahon site, it is.


I like the Smooth Hound’s retro look and dark blue color with cream panel logo. The mustache bars are classy and, as regular readers know, I am a fan and regular user of the Brooks leather saddle.

Soma makes a bike that reminds me of the Dahon Smooth Hound sans the folding feature, called the Mini Velo. They say the smaller wheels make it ideal for riding in the urban environment, as it is significantly shorter than a bike with larger wheels.

And finally, one day as I was out enjoying a post-work chat with Felkerino and our friend Nick, this person rode by playing his piano. It made me think twice about obsessing so much about rear racks, Carridice bags, and panniers.


Hope you enjoyed the summer bike sampler, and now it’s on to fall. I think.


  1. When Dahon first introduced their “mini velo” models back around 2007, they did not fold, but a year or two after introduction they added the folding feature, making them a far more useful bike, in my opinion.


  2. When I was on the W&OD the other day I took a break at the BBQ place. A guy was going on and on about how much he liked this other guy’s bike (a Trek from last year), the lines, etc. After the Trek owner rode away I said, “I’m so sad you haven’t made any nice comments about my 23 year old Bianchi…” He looked down his nose and said, “well, I guess it gets you where you’re going.”

    Harumph. Bike snob. Or maybe it was like saying, “oh, I like your shoes” when you want really just get to know the person IN those shoes. Having been rebuffed, he was probably sad. I’m so clueless sometimes.


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