Mancation, All I Ever Wanted

I overhear our friend talking to Felkerino about his upcoming bike trip, a multi-day self-guided tour in Europe. “Mancation,” he tells Felkerino. I turn my head at that. “Just me and my bike,” he adds. Surprised, I say, “Wait, you’re going by yourself?” “Good job, Mary. You got it on […]


Recently, a friend recommended Willa Cather’s My Ántonia so I have been reading it. I’ve always avoided this book because it sounded too much like required high school reading. Now I understand why that is so, although I don’t know that I would have appreciated all this book had to offer […]

A Holiday Wish

This past weekend I stopped during our bike ride to tell Santa all that I wanted for Christmas. But then I realized that I had everything I needed. Good health, the love of friends and family, and of course, bicycles. So instead I told Santa that I wished for everyone I […]

Carefree in Sedona: Jump Photos

Jump photos. If you haven’t done one, you should try it. You have to intuit the right moment for a jump, as it’s unlikely to turn out if forced. Sometimes a jump photo was just what we needed during our Sedona hikes this week (longer wrap-up post about that on […]

Happy Holidays (and a Book Recommendation)!

Happy holidays! If you have any breaks from the hustle and bustle this week, I recommend a read of this lovely book, The Velocipede: its History, Varieties and Practice , by J.T. Goddard. Written in 1869, The Velocipede offers an informative look back at the bicycles and bike culture of […]

chasing mailboxes

There he is.  See? Just down the road. There. Yes.  Yes!  I see . Pedal hard. We will catch him. Let’s do it! Pedal pedal pedal. I think we’re gaining. We can do this! Pedal faster! Almost. There. Wait. It’s not what we thought. No? No. It was fun giving […]