Coffeeneuring Challenge: Save the Date


Save the Date!
7 Weekends, Six7 Cups

What:  The Coffeeneuring Challenge
When:  Weekends between October 4 through November 17, 2013
Where:  Anywhere a hot beverage is served at a location greater than one mile from where you started pedaling

Old Rules Along with New Ones, Based on Participant Suggestions!

Formal Announcement to Follow


  1. Is it possible that I can declare my home a coffee shop and let it be a destination for some friends (or strangers, for that matter, provided they participate in coffeeneuring) on one particular weekend?


      • Well, you make the rules, but here’s my argument in favor: I will make my home available to anyone coffeeneuring in my area, whether or not I know them, make sure word gets out (which it already is, through a facebook post) and I will make their choice of espresso drink or pour-over with my home roast coffee, or tea or cocoa if they prefer. From their point of view it’s like a very informal coffee shop, with the advantage of being free. I see it as a great way to bring local cyclists together, and other than money changing hands part, I don’t see anything missing or against the coffeeneuring spirit.


    • I say yes, provided it is in the spirit of the event (not to sound cheesy), but you know, if you are picking up beans it can’t be from a big box grocery. You can coffeeneur to a gas station for coffee, but you have to coffeeneur to a roasters (or a tea emporium or whatever) for beans.


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