Coffeeneuring Challenge: Save the Date


Save the Date!
7 Weekends, Six7 Cups

What:  The Coffeeneuring Challenge
When:  Weekends between October 4 through November 17, 2013
Where:  Anywhere a hot beverage is served at a location greater than one mile from where you started pedaling

Old Rules Along with New Ones, Based on Participant Suggestions!

Formal Announcement to Follow

20 replies

  1. Is it possible that I can declare my home a coffee shop and let it be a destination for some friends (or strangers, for that matter, provided they participate in coffeeneuring) on one particular weekend?


      • Well, you make the rules, but here’s my argument in favor: I will make my home available to anyone coffeeneuring in my area, whether or not I know them, make sure word gets out (which it already is, through a facebook post) and I will make their choice of espresso drink or pour-over with my home roast coffee, or tea or cocoa if they prefer. From their point of view it’s like a very informal coffee shop, with the advantage of being free. I see it as a great way to bring local cyclists together, and other than money changing hands part, I don’t see anything missing or against the coffeeneuring spirit.


    • I say yes, provided it is in the spirit of the event (not to sound cheesy), but you know, if you are picking up beans it can’t be from a big box grocery. You can coffeeneur to a gas station for coffee, but you have to coffeeneur to a roasters (or a tea emporium or whatever) for beans.


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