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Tag: bicycling

The 50 States Ride, 2020 Edition

The ultimate concept ride, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) put their creativity to work and pulled off a socially distanced edition of the 50 States Ride – a here, […]

BikeDC’s Dave Salovesh

We had the ghost bike installation for Dave Salovesh this past weekend, and I stood there staring in disbelief the whole time with my leg propping up my bike as […]

Bike Tour Birthday Contrasts

March 2018. It’s my birthday and Felkerino and I are bike touring through California desert. Sand spreads out on all sides, the road undulates ahead. Cars and trucks zip by […]

Shrinking the Giants

Thoughts can be so heavy. Literally weightless, still they will press down, anchoring us where we stand if we let them. Daily actions also take their toll. Routine activities, interactions, […]

Made-Up Me: D.C. Randonneurs 600K

The uncertain arc of a ride as long as a 600K draws me to it. So many factors define the ultimate experience: fitness, weather, terrain, traffic, and the bike itself. […]

2016: Bike as Backbone

My year in cycling was another surprise when I compare how I felt about it versus the story reflected in photos and miles. The story was far better than perception during […]


The last couple of days, my Instagram feed has filled with the #optoutside hashtag, as Insta connections spend the day in nature and the outdoors instead of dedicating time in retail spaces […]

Heavy Hearts and Bicycle Breezes

Heavy hearts are the worst. A heavy heart burrows into your stomach and crowds other organs, causing discomfort. A heavy heart – being so burdened – needs extra oxygen to function, which […]