Coffeeneuring Rewind: Erin’s Coffeeneuring Journal

Wondering how the Coffeeneuring Challenge really works? Pondering what kind of theme you might use to guide your coffeeneuring outings? Today the blog features Erin, a Missouri coffeeneur, who used a lovely combination of pen, paper, and pictures to log her coffeeneuring travels.

As we begin the run-up to this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge, I hope posts like this might inspire you as this one did me. Want to learn more about the Coffeeneuring Challenge? Just click here.

I’ve typed out Erin’s notes on the rides just in case you have any trouble reading the images. Many thanks to Erin for sharing her Coffeeneuring Challenge journal with us!

Ride 1: Disney’s Boardwalk resort Coffee at Cape May

First time riding a Surrey bike. Coffee was average, but the Mickey waffles were great! Wonderful company on this ride. Lots of laughts trying to get over the two small hills on the route.

Ride 2: Country Girls Espresso

First time going to Country Espresso. They are known for the Cuban sandwich and café con leche. I tried both! I enjoyed the coffee and sandwich. The weather was great on this ride! Overcast and 73 degrees.

Ride 3: B2 Café

B2 Café is a cute industrial chic setting with a wide variety of drinks. They offered specialty drinks, classic coffee, smoothies, and food. It was a misty morning, but a beautiful and quiet ride. I got a bagel sandwich that was very yummy and my berry cobbler latte was to die for! It tasted like blackberry cobbler in a cup! I will definitely be going back!

Ride 4: Trail of the 4 Winds, Lake of the Ozards State Park

Twenty-seven degrees outside the morning of my rugged trail ride. The morning was beautiful and everything was covered in frost. Visited a very old cemetery on the trail. Some graves from the 1800s. Had campfire French press coffee, Caribou Caramel coffee. I don’t know why, but everything – even coffee – tastes better when you’re camping!

Ride 5: Kingdom Coffee

Took a chilly morning ride to Kingdom Coffee downtown. It is a very “hip” atmosphere with a pretty wall of windows on one side. I got a honey latte and a blueberry muffin. Both things were great!

Ride 6: Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub and Restaurant

Took a quick ride over to Dublins Pass for some dinner with the parents and an Irish Coffee made with Bailey’s. The coffee was good and the atmosphere is always fun at Dublins.

Dublin’s Pass
Ride 7: Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters

This location was recommended by a friend. It is a roasting facility more than a café. So I got one of the drip coffees. It was really good and the place smelled fantastic.

P.S. I took a moment on my ride to stop by a Trail of Tears crossing point.

Log of all 7 Coffeeneuring Challenge rides

Again, thank you Erin for creating this journal for 2017 and follow the link to learn more about the 2018 Coffeeneuring Challenge!

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