Coffeeneuring Challenge 2018 Prize Reveal!

It’s go or no-go time for the 2018 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. If you want to be part of this year’s activities, you must begin coffeeneuring this week. There’s no time to lose, friends, just get on your bikes and ride them to a coffee shop near you. Bam! One down, and six to go. See who easy it is? As always, full details are here.

In other news, it’s time for the unveiling of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge prize. As I used to say, the prize is not a mountain of money so don’t quit your day job to take up a life of coffeeneuring. Instead, the prize is a limited edition patch, custom designed for you by fellow coffeeneur and graphic designer Doug of Umbrella Works.



These unique patches are only available to those who complete the challenge, and as previous participants will know, the design changes each year. In a world where it can feel as though we have so much at our fingertips, that is not the case with the grand prize for the Coffeeneuring Challenge. The treasure must be earned ride by ride, one drink at a time.


Below is a look back at the patches Doug has created over the last three years of the challenge.

Doug writes about this year’s design: “I was torn between re-envisioning the look of the brand that we’ve created over the last three years, and continuing with the same design language. In the end, I went with a continuation. I couldn’t be happier with this patch design.”

Like last year, this year’s finishers badge come in three different color combos. Two of the same color choices from last year have returned: the traditional Orange and Blue that has come to identify Coffeeneuring, and the Green and Blue that was introduced last year.

And we have introduced a new hue for 2018, a Raspberry and Blue color combination – or Pink and Blue, if you prefer to call it that.

Please refer back to the rules for full Coffeeneuring Challenge submission information. The brass tacks version is this: send an email to gersemalina at gmail dot com, letting me know where you have posted your rides, and the Coffeeneuring Challenge Board of Directors will verify you. If you did not post your rides anywhere, just send them to me somehow.

Please note that you can register your stops by using the Community Coffeeneuring Map! This is a great resource for those who ride to coffee or tea or similar, and it is made and maintained by all of us. You can note the address of the location you visited, and any other details that you would like to highlight and that would be useful to others (e.g., bike parking, drink quality, etc.). See this post from the New England Regional Office for how to register your stops!

Once you are a bona fide finisher, you are then eligible for the grand patch prize. You may order multiple patches if you like via PayPal or snail mail, just inform me of you color choice(s), and the number of patches you would like to order. Patches are $5 each for U.S. participants, and $6 each for those who reside anywhere else on Earth! And don’t forget to include your Earth mailing address!

And remember, it’s go or no-go time! So go!


  1. Just like to say that even though I’ve never participated, this is the best thing ever. It’s so great to see everyone get excited about it and list their trips. And the patches are awesome!


  2. Very cool! And that design looks really good.

    Six rides in so far, got rained out last weekend. Weather looks go for this weekend though, so #7 is on! Thanks for the patch reveal and the extra motivation.


  3. Cold rain turning to snow tonight. Record lows on the way here in Missouri. Need to start next year about 4 weeks earlier.LOL Weather this year is out of control.


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