Roadside stop riding into Rambouillet on PBP

PBP 2019 Ride Reports and Stories

Ride reports have been popping up all over since the conclusion of Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) 2019. These stories come from various parts of the world, and I’ve been enjoying seeing the event from other riders’ perspectives. It also gives me an even better sense of how large PBP really is.

I’m going to use this page to aggregate the stories that I’ve found or that have been shared through various social outlets, and will add to this list as more reports are written.

This is a list of all the reports I’ve seen. They are organized based on start time (90-hour, 84-hour, and 80-hour). If you wrote a report and I placed it in the wrong section, please let me know.

If you have a report to share, please send it along!

Felkerino and Bernard Le Bars on PBP

A+ to everyone who wrote something up – it’s quite a feat to attempt this big ride and then write and reflect about it.

There are also some video blogs and features, and they follow the written ride stories.

Ride Reports (by Start Time)


    1. PBP 2019: A Study in Sleepiness and Lesson on Relentless Forward Progress, Medium post by Kelley Wegang (We rode the final km of PBP with Kelley!)
    2. 19th Edition of Paris-Brest-Paris, L’Equipe Provence
    3. A Randonneur’s Dream-PBP 2019, RKARTHIKPRAKASH
    4. PBP and Beyond, Life from My Perch (A dramatic post-ride tale here, too.)
    5. 18-22 Aug: Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, CTC Cambridge
    6. PBP 2019, As I Saw It, Putting It Out There (Another D.C. Randonneur, congratulations Jack!)
    7. PBP 2019, Richard Bragg
    8. 1,200km in 87 hours with 7 hours of sleep — on a bicycle, CBC News
    9. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Ride Report by Martin Cooper, Randonneurs Ontario
    10. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, a Ride Report by John Cumming, Randonneurs Ontario
    11. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Ride Report by Charles Horslin, Randonneurs Ontario
    12. Paris-Brest-Paris on a Fixed Gear? Temple Cycles pre-ride interview with Eleanor, who became the third woman to finish PBP on a fixie (an exclusive group that also includes Emily O’Brien!).
    13. British cyclist becomes third woman ever to complete Paris-Brest-Paris on a fixie,
    14. Paris-Brest-Paris: 1200km bike ride for cake, Rory McCarron of Leigh Day
    15. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Dan’s Rando Adventures (Hi Dan! Sorry we missed seeing you at PBP!)
    16. My First PBP: Best Laid Plans, Mike Hagen
    17. PBP 2019, Bob Goodison
    18. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Expect Adventure
    19. My PBP Experience – Anne, PBP 2019 Blog
    20. My PBP Experience – Tony, PBP 2019 Blog
    21. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Tiff012 Cycling Adventures
    22. PBP: The Ride, Driftless Randonneur (Greg, I want this much sleep on PBP!)
    23. Vancouver woman sets record at prestigious French long-distance cycling event, Vancouver Sun
    24. On the Final Day of PBP, Iron Rider
    25. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Veloblan
    26. Paris Brest Paris, 365 Days of Cycling
    27. Losing my PBP Virginity, colincanride
    28. PBP Ride Report, Charlie Martin
    29. Paris Brest Paris 2019 – De Rambouillet à St Nicolas de Pelem, Le Blog de Brigitte
    30. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Pavel Klinov
    31. PBP 2019, GDelNerobiking
    32. Beyond the jitters and through the bulge: my PBP 2019, Cycling Intelligence
    33. PBP 2019: PBP makes me cry (again), audaxery
    34. PBP 2019, James Thinks
    35. There and Back Again: Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Dark Noon Cycling Adventures
    36. PBP2019 selon Dominique, «mon premier (et dernier) Paris Brest Paris !», CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    37. PBP2019 selon Cherif, « … et soudain le silence total au milieu des arbres », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    38. PBP2019 selon Stéphane, « les enfants nous attendent pour nous taper dans la main », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    39. PBP2019 selon Jean-Luc, « un peu d’états d’âme et un brin de chronologie », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    40. PBP2019 selon Serge, « mon 2ème et très probablement le dernier », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    41. PBP2019 selon Paul, « je me suis endormi plusieurs fois sur le vélo », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    42. PBP2019 selon Bertrand, « revoir des amis cyclos », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
    43. Paris Brest Paris, Kent Valley Road Club
    44. 2019 Paris-Brest-Paris,
    45. Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) 2019, A cycling experience to treasure a lifetime, Felix KA
    46. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Deano_44
    47. Paris Brest Paris 2019, yorkbadger
    48. How to Cycle 1220 km Powered Only By Plants, Plant-Powered Pedaling
    49. Paris Brest Paris 2019. Part 1 of 5, The Wattmeister… make watts not war
    50. Paris-Brest-Paris, Hans Versmissen
    51. My Paris Ride, David Deakins
    52. The Final Chapter in My PBP Journey, Mawona Velo
    53. It’s Supposed to Be Fun, Two Wheels Good
    54. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, Church of Rotating Mass
    55. Team VCJ Does Paris-Brest-Paris, Ode to Cycling
    56. L’Aventure PBP 2019 by Bruno
    57. Let’s Ride (the first in a multi-part series), A Barrows Abroad
    58. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 through a film camera, Poohitan
    59. Paris Best Paris: The ultimate party on wheels, Chris
    60. Paris Best Paris, Pain And Cycling
    61. PBP 2019 ou la symphonie inachevée d’un PBP transformé en PBC, J’aime le vélo!
    62. 1200km 88 sati uživanja i bola / Pariz Brest Pariz 2019, 2 Bike
    63. Paris Brest Paris 2019, blanc upas vélo équipe
    64. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019: A Cycling Adventure, Long Bike Rides
    65. Vier Drei Sonnenuntergänge bis Paris . . . Tom Johnen
    66. PARIS-BREST-PARIS 2019. Le récit de Gilles du Cyclo Club Courpalay, Mary Gilles


  1. Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur 2019, The Diagonaliste
  2. The Fourth Time is a Charm? PBP 2019, 449 KM, Part 1 of 4 (San Francisco randonneur and RBA Rob Hawks, who we rode with a fair amount this year!)
  3. A Love Letter to Paris-Brest-Paris, The Daily Randonneur (Had to include this guy’s report in the roundup!)
  4. PBP 2019: Sleep Stop Serenade (Decided to add my own post to this list!)
  5. Chris Ashford Completes the Paris-Brest-Paris Cycle Event, Tri Training Harder
  6. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 Ride Report (on a fixed gear), Metin (Who we saw briefly on PBP, as he was also in the 84-hour group.)
  7. PBP2019 selon Denis, « j’irai jusqu’à confondre des cyclo avec les zébra de la DDE! », CycloTourisme de la Ville de Sceaux
  8. Paris Brest Paris 2019: I Came, I Saw, I am in Awe, Bhanu’s Adventures in Life
  9. Paris-Brest 2019, Roger of D.C. Randonneurs
  10. Paris Brest Paris 2019, galluscycles


  1. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019,
  2. Paris-Brest-Paris 1200K Race 2019, The Gasman
  3. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 – Never Give Up!, Stoychev Cycling (A fellow D.C. Randonneur, congrats Georgi!)
  4. Puducherry resident completes Paris-Brest-Paris race in maiden attempt, The Hindu
  5. PBP 2019 – My Story, ET’s PBP
  6. Paris Brest Paris: A Journey Through the Hills, Brendan Puli
  7. 2019 Paris-Brest-Paris, Ryan Francesconi
  8. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019: C’est Exactement ca et Rien d’Autre, Stefan Haehnel and Tom Bockshecker
  9. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019—A Haligonian’s Perspective, John Archibald
Roadside stop riding into Rambouillet on PBP
Roadside stop riding into Rambouillet on PBP


      1. Paris-Brest-Paris, dans l’oeil de Bernard Le Bars, L’Equipe
      2. Velo Chat, Damon Peacock (who is assembling a nice set of videos about this edition of PBP). This particular video features our own Bill Russell who, after his interview, can be heard in the background talking about how he customized his velomobile.
      3. PBP 2019: People, human declinations at the 19th Paris-Brest-Paris, Nicoló CANEPARO (This is one of an engaging series of video about the event)
      4. CONCOURS DE MACHINES x Paris-Brest-Paris, Jeanne
      5. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Ryan Hamilton
      6. Paris-Brest-Paris on a Cruzbike Vendetta, Tor Hovland
      7. Paris-Brest-Paris (Parts 1-8), An Qiao Teh
      8. Paris Brest Paris 2019 – Why do you need to ride the Paris Brest Paris? Avanti Cycling
      9. Paris Brest Paris 2019, HERE I COME, Richard Lake (also a multi-video set of the event, and we are in this video at some point. “We’re gonna crush it!”)
      10. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Lane Coddington (Who we rode with quite a bit on last year’s Coulee Challenge 1200K… congrats Lane!)
      11. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Ara Kanta
      12. Paris Brest Paris Short Video with music, George Paragalas
      13. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Stoychev Ultracycling
      14. I am proud of myself for PBP 2019, Jerry Chen
      15. Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 in 4 minutes, Jamal Rahman
      16. Paris-Brest-Paris passage à Brest, Noel Boulch
      17. Paris-Brest-Paris: le point d’étape à Tinténiac, France 3 Bretagne
      18. Fixed Gear PBP, Eleanor Jaskowska
      19. The PBP home movie: First Half – Out to Brest. Part 2 – Return from Brest, Iron Rider
      20. France 2019 avant pendant aprés, Pascal Phillippe
      21. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Cyclo Barge
      22. Paris Brest Paris 2019, personal memories, machosdinner
      23. Paris Brest Paris 2019, Ryan Hamilton
      24. 1200km Paris Brest Paris 2019 audax vlog, Adam Watkins
      25. Paris-Brest-Paris : le point d’étape à Tinténiac,one of a series of videos done by France 3 Bretagne
      26. Paris Brest Paris 2019 Oficial ACP, Audax Club Parisien

Have a ride report or video to add here? Please let me know!


  1. Just read Kelley’s report and it’s just amazing.
    Only ever been that tired once before and I was travelling by motorcycle and that required far less energy than riding a bicycle.
    Given I am going to read them all over the next few days it might be easier to summarise my thoughts here by saying I have the upmost respect for all those that enter the PBP and whether you finish or not your all winners in my eyes. As much as I would like to do it I know that I could not even qualify to do it so as I have said much respect to all of you than can.


    • Thank you, Ted! I am so excited to read through the reports, too, and to check out some of the video people captured along the way. Thousands of unique experiences occurring on the very same bike ride. It’s fun to read about everyone’s ride.

      Liked by 1 person

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